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     Engines D82A (D 82A; D82A; d-82a; d 82a; d82a)
     Engines D82A - DC electric machine designed to convert electrical energy into mechanical DC.
     Dust-proof enclosure D-82A is made ​​of aluminum and has a size of 95 × 40 × 15mm. Current source mechanisms consists of four brushes, which are arranged at right angles. The motor shaft - with ball bearings, engine manifold consists of 27 plates.
The product can be used in mikrodrelyah.

      Specifications D-82A

     Actuators A-82A provides:
     - Frequency start and speed control of motors;
     - Work when the load torque from 0 to nominal;
     - The maximum engine torque, determined allowable multiplicity overload the inverter current. Multiplicity of congestion is indicated in specifications for specific types of actuators.
     The D-82A provide normal trouble-free operation while maintaining the rated power at:
     - Mains voltage deviations from the nominal value of up to ± 10%;
     - Input voltage tolerance of internal systems from +10 to -15%;
     - Mains frequency variations up to ± 2,5%,
     - Simultaneous voltage deviation within ± 10% and the frequency to ± 2,5% with the proviso that in a high voltage and low frequency or low voltage and high frequency sum of the absolute values ​​of the voltage and frequency deviation does not exceed 10%.

     The D-82A remains operational (without maintaining normalized parameters) at short-term (up to 60 seconds), reducing the supply voltage to 80% of nominal at rated power frequency and the rated engine load.
     The products have automatic self after a brief (up to 2.5 seconds) when a power interruption bus voltage supply and / or own use in automatic control mode.
     The D-82A is able to operate (without maintaining normalized parameters) when operating in emergency mode with the following deviations repeated line frequency
     - In the range of minus (2.5-4.0)% of no longer than 5 min ut;
     - In the range of minus (4.0-6.0)% of no more than 1 minute;
     - In the range of minus (6.0-8.0)% of no longer than 10 seconds.

     Upon termination of these conditions the product is reduced the required accuracy and rating.
     Mean time between the D-82A to failure - at least 20,000 hours. Average recovery time - no more than 3 hours. Average Overhaul engine D-82A is at least 6 years. The service life to retirement: the engine - at least 20 years old, the other components - not less than 15 years.
    Shelf life in manufacturer's packaging - two years.

     Terms of use:

    - Ambient temperature from -50 to +40 ° C;
      - Relative humidity: 95%, temperature 20 ° C;
     - The environment, the optimum for the engine - without the contents of gases and corrosive fumes that destroy metals and insulation, as well as reduce the motor parameters in the range of unacceptable;
     The D-82A commissioned work in conditions of dust. Allowable concentration of inert dust in the environment is set specifications for specific types of actuators. Dust levels inside the engine and other components should not break their normal work.

Photos: D-82A

D-82A device engines.
D-82A device engines.