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D-60 electric motor

12 pieces
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    Engine D-60

    Also, this device may be called: D60, D 60, d60, d-60, d 60.
    Engine D-60 - a device that runs with the permanent magnet, with the slotted armature.
    Technical characteristics of the devices engines D-60
    The maximum shaft power - 1W.
    Supply voltage - 28V.
    Frequency - 400Hz.
    Current consumption - 0,125 A.
    Efficiency - 27%.
    Rated speed of 3300 rev / min.
    Rated torque at a food network: 2.94 N · m
    Mode of operation D-60 - long.
    Engine mounting - flange.
    Weight - 0,115 kg.
    Operating conditions of the D-60
    The temperature range of work - from -50 ° C to +60 ° C.
    Relative humidity 98% at +20 ° C.
    - Frequency range - 10-2500 Hz;
    - Acceleration - 100 m / s 2.

Photos: D-60

D-60 engine image.
D-60 engine image.
D-60 engine image.
D-60 engine image.
P-603 front view (shaft).
P-603 front view (shaft).
D-60 side view.
D-60 side view.
D-60-dimensional drawing.
D-60-dimensional drawing.