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D-55A A motor-55A DC.


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The electric motor D-55A DC (D55A, D-55-A, D 55 A, D 55-A, D55-A, D55 A, D-55 A, D 55A)
The motor D-55A DC is a two-pole electric machine series-wound.Designed to work in special-purpose hardware. To protect against interference engine D-55A should be equipped with a filter-type EF-5. The filter in the kit is not included.
Specifications electric devices D-55A DC:
Ambient temperature of -60 º C to +50 º C;
Relative humidity - up to 98% at 20 º C;
Vibratory loads in the frequency range of 10Hz-200Hz with acceleration of 35m / s 2;
Voltage - 27V ± 2,7 V;
Power rating D-55A - 55W;
Rated torque - 0.095 N ∙ m;
Current consumption - 4A;
Efficiency - 51%;
Rotational speed - at least 4500ob/min.;
Overall dimensions
- Length - 137.5 mm;
- Diameter - 63mm;
Unit weight - 1.5 kg;
Minimum operating unit D-55A - 1250 hoursThe service life of 8 years.