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    Synchronometer Ch7-15 (Ch7 15, Ch715, Ch 7-15, Ch 7 15, Ch-7-15, Ch-15 7)

    Synchronometer Ch7-15 - a device for generating time scales and determine with high accuracy moments fulfillment events in real time.
    Issued time signals:
    - I timescale - positive polarity pulses with a repetition period 1, the duration of 10mks - 20mks;
    - II timeline - pulses of positive polarity with a repetition period of 100ms or 1s, 100mcs ± 1 ms duration, the delay in the range 0ms - 999ms on the scale of time;
    - III timeline - pulses of positive polarity with a repetition period of 1 s or 100 ms, the duration of 10mks - 20mks, the delay in the range 0 - 999990mks on the scale of time;
    - Marker - positive polarity pulse with a repetition period of 1 s or 100 ms, the duration of 3mks - 5mks.

    Power - AC 220V, 50Hz.
    Power consumption - 35W.
    Dimensions - 480 × 120 × 420mm.
    Weight - 14kg.
    The principle of operation Ch7-15

    The device Ch7-15 used a digital method of formation of the delay, which provides a particularly high accuracy and efficiency measurements. A portable device, such as a desktop, semi-automatic.
    Sinhrometr Ch7-15 operates on the principle of dividing the sync frequency 5 MHz, 1 MHz or 0.1 MHz to 1 Hz and second impulses run time counter. The basic element in the construction of a frequency divider and a time counter is counting trigger in integrated circuit design.
    Specifications Ch7-15

    Synchronometer Ch7-15 used in the time keeper for the formation and release of information about the current time in various forms:
    - In the pulse - as a timescale with the simultaneous issuance of fixed frequencies;
    - In the potential - as a parallel BCD 1-2-4-8 indicative of the tens and units of hours, minutes, seconds, hundreds, tens and units of milliseconds and microseconds;
    - A digital - to the light display with a resolution of 1 s.

    Synchronometer Ch7-15 in sync signal internal crystal oscillator have the following characteristics:
    - Frequency - 5 MHz;
    - Limits the frequency tuning - ± 0,04 mkGts;
    - Rms relative frequency of random variation per day after 72 hours of continuous operation - no more than 2 × 10 -9.

    In the sinusoidal synchronization signal from an external source:
    - A reference frequency - 5MHz, 1MHz or 0.1MHz;
    - Input voltage - 0.5V - 2V (rms);
    - Input impedance - 200Om.

    For synchronometer Ch7-15 parameters of output sinusoidal signal frequency standard 5MHz, 1MHz or 0.1MHz as follows:
    - Level - less than 0.5 V (rms);
    - Resistance - 200Om.

    Synchronometer Ch7-15 has the parameters of the output pulse signals of standard frequencies 100 kHz, 10 kHz, 1 kHz, 100 Hz, 10 Hz, 1 Hz, 0.1 Hz:
    - Polarity - positive;
    - Duration - 4 ms ± 1,5 ms, 20 ms ± 2 ms; 200mks ± 20mks; 200mks ± 2ms, 200 ms ± 20 ms, 200 ms ± 2 s;
    - Amplitude - no more than 3V;
    - Load resistance and capacitance - 300Om, 300pF.

Photos: Ch7-15

Ch7-15 synchronometer image.
Ch7-15 synchronometer image.
Ch7-15 front view.
Ch7-15 front view.
Ch7-15 side view.
Ch7-15 side view.
Ch7-15 rear view.
Ch7-15 rear view.
Ch7-15 overhead view.
Ch7-15 overhead view.
Ch7-15 bottom view.
Ch7-15 bottom view.