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Ch3-24 frequency counter electron-counting
Also, this device can be called: Ch324, Ch3 24, Ch З24, ChЗ-24, Ch З24, ChЗ 24.
Ch3-24 frequency electron-counting is designed to measure frequency, period and frequency ratio elektrokolebany for arbitrarily chosen time.
One-line digital display with memory and access to the recording device.
Measuring range frequency sinusoidal signals - from 10 Hz to 50 MHz.
The range of frequencies in the measurement period, - from 0 to 1 MHz.
Frequency meter Ch3-24 has a remote control.


Measuring range extended periods of sinusoidal signals - from 0.01 ms to 100 s.
Measuring range extended periods of pulse signals - from 1 ms to 100 s.
Range summation accounts sinusoidal signals - from 10 Hz to 50 MHz.
Voltage of a sinusoidal input signal - from 0.1 V to 100 V.

Input impedance Ch3-24 - 10k.
Input capacitance - 50 pF.
A sinusoidal signal output from the frequency - 1 MHz to 10 MHz.
Measurement time - from 1 ms to 10 s.
Time display - 0.1 s to 5 s.

When measuring the ratio of the frequencies of the high-frequency range compared frequencies - from 1 Hz to 50 MHz.
In the summation of the maximum count rate - 50 MHz.
Capacity of the counter - 99,999,999 units.
Dimensions frequency Ch3-24 - 480x120x420 mm.
Weight - 14 kg.

Operating conditions:

Operating temperature - from +15 ° C to +35 ° C.
Relative humidity - 80%.
Mains voltage - 220 V.
Supply frequency - 50 Hz.
Power consumption of frequency - 20 V • A.
Frequency Ch3-24 can be used to configure, test and calibration distinct transmitter-receiver paths, filters, generators, to configure communication systems and other devices.

Photos: Ch3-24

Ch3-24 device image.
Ch3-24 device image.
Ch3-24 view panel of the device.
Ch3-24 view panel of the device.
Ch3-24 side view.
Ch3-24 side view.
Ch3-24 rear view.
Ch3-24 rear view.
Ch3-24 overhead view.
Ch3-24 overhead view.
Ch3-24 bottom view.
Ch3-24 bottom view.