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    Standard frequency Ch1-50 (Ch1 50, Ch150, ch 1 50, ch 1-50, ch-1-50)
    Standard frequency Ch1-50 - a device used to generate frequencies as well as calibration and verification of the various devices.
    Rated frequency output - 0.1 MHz, 1 MHz, 5 MHz.
    Voltage outputs - 1B (R n = 50Om).
    Power supply - 220V, 50Hz, 115V, 400Hz.
    Power consumption - 65W (AC) 27W (DC).
    Overall dimensions - 495 × 175 × 480mm.
    Weight - 23kg.
    Standards frequency Ch1-50 can be used as reference oscillators in the various measuring systems, reference generator for calibration and testing of quartz oscillators as well as a highly stable frequency source in the navigation and communication systems.
    Structural features Ch1-50

    The standard frequency of Ch1-50 uses solid-state devices and circuits, as well as built-in battery backup power. These components provide high reliability of operation.

    For ease of use, frequency standards, Ch1-50 have a semi-automatic system monitoring and fault detection, which provides light alarm if there is excessive regulation of the error-locked, in case of failure of the system thermostat, rubidium discriminator element path of a self-tuning, the transition is powered by internal batteries.
    Specifications Ch1-50

    Standard frequency Ch1-50 allows the actual value of the frequency error of ± 1 × 10 -10. The relative systematic change in the frequency signal for 30 days does not exceed 6 × 10 -11.

    The rms variation of the relative frequency of the signal frequency standard Ch1-50 has the following values:
    - 3 × 10 -11 (averaging time 1);
    - 2 × 10 -11 (averaging time 10 s and 24 h).

    Standard frequency Ch1-50 allows these types of attenuation:
    - The network components of the output signal of 5 MHz - no more than 80 dB;
    - The noise components in the range 30Hz - 10kHz band and 6Hz analysis - no less than 100 dB.

    The limits of the frequency adjustment - ± 1,9 × 10 -9.
    Operating conditions Ch1-50

    Normal operating conditions for the instrument CH1-50 are:
    - Ambient temperature - 20 º C;
    - Relative humidity - 80%;
    - Atmospheric pressure - 630 mm Hg - 795mm Hg

    Standard frequency Ch1-50 is designed to operate under the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature - from +5 º C to +40 º C;
    - Relative humidity - 90%.

Photos: Ch1-50

Ch1-50 device image frequency standard.
Ch1-50 device image frequency standard.
Ch1-50 front view with the open lid.
Ch1-50 front view with the open lid.
Ch1-50 front view with the close lid.
Ch1-50 front view with the close lid.
Ch1-50 side view.
Ch1-50 side view.
Ch1-50 rear view.
Ch1-50 rear view.
Ch1-50 overhead view.
Ch1-50 overhead view.
Ch1-50 bottom view.
Ch1-50 bottom view.