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Ya3Ch-87 (YaZCh-87)

14 999 RUB   |   7 499 UAH   |  available: 3 pieces
Ya3Ch-87 (YaZCh-87) device image.

    Expander block Ya3Ch-87 (Ya3Ch87; Ya3Ch 87; YaZCh-87; YaZCh87; YaZCh 87)
    Expander block Ya3Ch-87 - a device for converting the frequency of continuous sinusoidal electrical signals and carrier frequency signal in the range of IM accounts direct frequency Ch3-54.
    Converted frequency range - 0.07 GHz - 12 GHz.
    Input Voltage - 0.1 mV - 5 mV.

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Ya3Ch-88 (YaZCh-88)

16 999 RUB   |   7 139 UAH   |  available: 6 pieces
Ya3Ch-88 (YaZCh-88) device image.
Frequency converter Ya3Ch-88 (Ya3Ch88, Ya3Ch 88, YaZCh-88, YaZCh 88)
Designed to convert and measure with a frequency meter Q3-54 frequency of continuous sine wave (CW) and the carrier frequency of the pulse-modulated (IM) signals in the frequency range of 8 GHz-18 GHz;

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