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Radiometric devices >> uniformity tester of cables and lines (R5-)


R5-24 device image.

R5-24 meter irregularities lines used for:
- Conducting basic measurements on extended cable lengths up to 100 km;
- Fault detection and determination of his character;
- Determine the distance to the fault or irregularity.
Measuring ranges distance - from 0 km to 100 km.
Basic measurement error distance:
- At a range of 30 km to 100 km - 0,3%;
- At a range of 30 m to 100 m - 1%.

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34 999 RUB   |   34 999 UAH   |  available: 1 piece
Measurer inhomogeneity of cables and lines R5-5.
Measurer inhomogeneity of cables and lines R5-5 (R55, R 5 5, R-5-5, p5-5, R-55, R 55, R5 5, p55, p 5 5, p-5-5, p-55, p 55, p5 5)
Designed to determine the distance to the fault on the overhead and cable power lines and communication, as well as the distance to the major changes in their characteristic impedance (inhomogeneities of the sharp decline of insulation resistance, loss of contact, the asymmetry in the wires, insert a line, etc.) ;
The range of distances measured by the instrument to the fault:
- Up to 300km high-voltage overhead power lines, air lines in connection with the chains of colored metal;
- Up to 80 km in the steel lines of communication;
- Up to 10 km high-voltage cable in the power lines;
Equiv amplifier echoes - 0.2 mm/mV.

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34 999 RUB   |   34 999 UAH   |  available: 1 piece
Measurer R5-8 cable inhomogeneities.

Measurer R5-8 cable inhomogeneities (R58, R5 8, p5-8, p58, p5 8)

For the detection of irregularities impedance (damage) in the cables, determine the DTF.
The range of measured distance: 0-2000m
The range of time delay: 0-20mks
Minimum measuring distance of 0.5 m
Dimensions: 125x245x270mm

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34 999 RUB   |   34 999 UAH   |  available: 1 piece
Meter cable irregularities P5-8/1.
    Измеритель неоднородностей кабеля Р5-8/1 (Р58/1, Р5 8/1, p5-8/1, p58/1, p5 8/1)
    Для обнаружения неоднородностей волнового сопротивления (повреждения) в кабелях, определения расстояния до неоднородности.

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device image.

Р5-9 измеритель неоднородностей кабелей предназначен для обнаружения неоднородности в кабелях, определения расстояния до неоднородности и ее характера.

Диапазон измеряемых расстояний - от 0 до 10 000 м.

Диапазон временных задержек - от 0 до 100 мкс.

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