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Прибор П-601

available: 2 pieces
device image.

П-601 прибор предназначается для измерения радиотехнических величин.

Диапазон измерений - от 0 до 116 мкс.

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Device P-603

available: 3 pieces
P-603 device image.

The device is P-603 (P603, P 603)
Intended for:
a) The accounts of a randomly distributed in time or a periodic sequence of pulses for the four independent from each other by channels from the four test signal sources simultaneously;
b) measuring the frequency or the following account of the number N of events from the three sources of pulsed signals simultaneously on three channels with the possibility of counting the preset one of the five fixed values ​​of N;
c) the account number matched in time of pulses from the two sources of signals on one channel of a countable;
d) the operations of summation and continuous account.
Produces account and measurement repetition rate pulsed signals a positive or negative polarity, duration 0.2 ms - 10mks, the amplitude of 2V-50V at a ratio of signal to noise ratio of 4:1 and a resolution of 1.6 microseconds. The range of measurement repetition rate of 40Hz to 500kHz, 500kHz range to account.
The input impedance of each channel is not less than 1K in parallel capacitance less than 50pF.

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The device P-604

available: 5 pieces
P-604 device image delivery set.
The device is P-604 (P604, P 604)
Designed for power control in the manufacture of electronic equipment and in conducting routine maintenance during the operation;
Measures the pulse power in the III and VII in the wavelength range and τ equal to 0.3 ms-1, and F SL 0mks equal 130Gts-1250Gts;
Measuring range of pulsed power - 0.2 kW to 25 kW;
The relative error in measuring the pulse power in the range of 0.2 kW-25kW:
- Under normal climatic conditions - ± 25%, not more than ± 35%;
Provides a measure of the pulsed power from 0.06 kW to 0.2 kW in the wavelength range III with an accuracy of ± 50%.

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Прибор П-636

available: 2 pieces

П-636 прибор предназначается для измерения частот непрерывных импульсно-модулированных колебаний.

Диапазон измерений - от -8 МГц до 8 МГц.

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