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SHCH41160 meter image.
Current meter SCH41160 short circuit (SHCH 41160, SHCH-41160)

Measurement of single-phase fault current zero-phase circuit in AC 380/220V, single phase current measurement range short-circuit 10A-1000A.

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EK0200 (ЭК0200)

available: 2 pieces
EK0200 (ЭК0200) image to the meter with open lid.
Measuring contact voltage and short circuit current EK0200 (EK-0200, EK 0200)
Designed for measuring effective values ​​of touch voltage on electrified objects and short-circuit current in the circuit of phase-zero in AC 380V/220V 50 Hz, 60 Hz with earthed neutral;
The range of current measurement circuit - 0kA-2kA;
Measuring range contact voltage - 0V-250V.

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EK0200 (ЭК0200)SHCH41160