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FGTest-60PRO - professional breathalyzers for units of GAI, fleets and big businesses

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It is possible effectively delivery of any quantity.

    FGTest-60PRO professional breathalyzers for departments SAI, fleets and large enterprises.
    Measuring ranges:
    0.00 - 0.10 ‰ BAC - 4.00 ‰ BAC - More.
    0.00 - 0.01% BAC - 0.400% BAC-More.
    0.00 - 0.05 mg / l - 2.00mg / l - more.
    Accuracy: 5%;
    An electrochemical sensor based on a platinum over time "does not burn."

     Display: LCD; 2.2-inch digital with two background colors. Standard blue, extra red.
     Printer: is the ability to connect via cable, paper: standard roll thermosensitive. (Optional)
     Sound indicator: in parallel with the display commands to display the infeed Breathalyzer characteristic sound team.
     Memory Results: 200 measurements. You can store the following data: the measurement result and the date and time of the measurement, the test number.
     Power supply: 3.7 V Li-ion battery with 650mA. Charge lasts for 2 weeks of productive work.

FGTest-60PRO - Breathalyzer - Front view.FGTest-60PRO - Breathalyzer - Side view.FGTest-60PRO - Breathalyzer - Rear view.

Full control of obtaining quality samples:
     - Analysis by inhalation;
     - Analysis of the intensity of the expiration, if the driver blows slowly, you will get a voice message and the test must be repeated again;
     - To analyze the layer of air is taken from the lungs, which is in direct contact with the blood.



     The result of this breathalyzers impossible to fake.

     Alarm alcohol:
     - Alternately display flicker from red to blue.
     - Alternating blinking LED signal from red to green.
     - Served a characteristic sound.
     For efficiency signaling Breathalyzer FGTest-60PRO three processes are carried out simultaneously.

     Setting the signal level: possible values ​​0.2 ‰ BAC, 0.3 ‰ BAC, 0.5 ‰ BAC, 0.8 ‰ BAC. When delivered on the device Breathalyzer FGTest-60PRO programmed alarm level 0.2 ‰ BAC (this is officially authorized rate of intoxication adopted in Ukraine).

     Energy saving mode: auto shut-off after two minutes of non-use of the device.
     Working conditions: 5 C to 45 C
     Storage: -20 ° C to 75 ° C
     Dimensions: 114H54H19 mm.
     Weight: 75 grams (without battery).

     Certification: Breathalyzers FGTest-60PRO certified according to CE.

    To increase the safety of the breathalyzers, in the base set includes metal case.

FGTest-60PRO - Breathalyzer - Storage case.

     Standard delivery Breathalyzers:
     1) Breathalyzers FGTest-60PRO.
     2) 100 packed hygienic mouthpieces.
     3) Li-ion battery (battery) capacity of 650mA (standard Nokia).
     4) USB power supply adapter for breathalyzers from the power supply.
     5) Power supply and battery charging, running from a car cigarette lighter 12-24V.
     6) The power supply and battery charging, running from 220V.
     7) strap for attaching the unit to the hand.
     8) Metal case.
     9) Instructions in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

FGTest-60PRO - Breathalyzer - Contents of delivery.

     Due to the lack of moving parts Breathalyzer FGTest-60PRO can operate over a wide temperature and humidity of the environment, as well as in dusty air, and the impact of vibration on the device.

     In order to buy a breathalyzer you need to contact our sales team. Nomenclature of alcohol analyzers are very big, so to optimally breathalyzers you need to get advice from our experts. This is required, because different models have different functional units and are designed for different number of applications. And the usual desire to buy breathalyzer you will not get your desired device. For a better understanding of how we give two examples.

     Example number one
     Let's say you have a transport company which is engaged in cargo transportation, five drivers and two warehouse worker. For such a large number of staff will be enough to hold up to 10 measurements per day.
     Accordingly, it is clear that there is no point in having to buy a breathalyzer which is designed for 500 tests per shift (they are used in nuclear power station, which employs thousands of people). The price of this model Breathalyzer will be several times more expensive than the model of the 10 measurements per day.

     Example number two
     Suppose you have a large company that has a staff of about 50 employees of the warehouse. You want them all every day to check. You bought a cheap breathalyzer keychain that is designed only for personal use. After two weeks of this operation either bought   Breathalyzer Keychain guaranteed fail. And it will be ok because it was not designed for 50 people a day.

     To avoid these problems Our managers will help you to choose a breathalyzer depending on your actual needs.

     Therefore, to obtain competent advice or to buy Breathalyzer call our sales department by phone number or +38-091-303-00-10 +38-032-235-09-99.
     Also, you can ask your question by writing a letter to the email address . The letter did not forget to include your contact information.

     Delivery is free of breathalyzers for 1-2 days in all the cities of our country Ukraine Breathalyzer. You can buy directly breathalyzer in cities such as Kyiv, Lviv, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Odesa and other Ukrainian cities.



Photos FGTest-60PRO - professional breathalyzers for units of GAI, fleets and big businesses

Breathalyzers FGTest-60PRO device image.
Breathalyzers FGTest-60PRO device image.
Breathalyzers FGTest-60PRO side view.
Breathalyzers FGTest-60PRO side view.
Breathalyzers FGTest-60PRO rear view.
Breathalyzers FGTest-60PRO rear view.
Breathalyzers FGTest-60PRO delivery set.
Breathalyzers FGTest-60PRO delivery set.
Breathalyzers FGTest-60PRO accessories and spare parts.
Breathalyzers FGTest-60PRO accessories and spare parts.