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    Megger portable without inductor BM-1M
    Also, this device may be called: BM1M, BM BM-1M 1M, BM-1-M.

    Megger BM-1M portable without inductor designed to measure the insulation resistance of marine electrical devices that are not under stress.
    Display System BM-1M - analog direct-reading, the scale is calibrated in megohms. Housing - splash-proof.
    Shaking the device and vibration resistance according to the degree of mechanical protection. Also, the device is protected from the effects of the magnetic field, the ferromagnetic base and located next to the unit.

    Specifications BM-1M

    Dimensions - 209x143x155 mm.
    - At the voltage across open probes 500V - from 0 to ∞, the working part of the scale: 0-500MOm, 0-200MOm;
    - At the voltage across open probes 100B - from 0 to ∞, the working part of the scale: 0-100MOm, 0-3MOm.

    The length of the scale:
    - For the chapel measurements 500V - 95 mm;
    - For the chapel measurements 100V - 70 mm.

    The angle scale of - 90 °.
    Accuracy class - 1.5.
    Rated supply voltage - 4.5 V.
    Power consumption BM-1M - less than 0.5 watts.
    Changes display megaommetry BM-1M can be caused by:
    - Changing the position of the device in any direction from the normal position at 30 ° (the value of reading changes - no more than ± 1,5% of the length of the working part of scale);
    - Ambient air temperature deviation from normal (+20 ± 5 ° C) to any temperature within the operating temperature (the value of reading changes - no more than ± 0,75% of the length of the working end of the scale for each 10 ° C change in temperature);
    - Deviation from the funeral voltage values ​​by ± 10% (change of indications - ± 0,5% of the length of the working part of the scale).
    Meals BM-1M is running on battery of the three elements of the "Saturn". Flicker control proximity switches (transistors), alternating transmissive low-voltage alternating current source (elements of "Saturn") through the primary winding of step-up transformer. Shot is collected on transistors at power-on Od battery starts to generate pulses of rectangular shape with a predetermined frequency (2000 Hz). Further increasing the voltage to the desired value (100V or 500V) and its rectification circuit multiplication is performed, gathered on the capacitors and diodes. As a result, the instrument probes supplied DC voltage and the closure of any resistance to flow through the ammeter DC. Variable resistor is used to set the initial position of the arrow tool.
    Switch scales and selection of the desired voltage via the switch voltages. Each scale is specified test voltage. The device has a BM-1M corrector, enabling you to move the pointer on each side of the mechanical zero mark at a distance of not more than 6% of the working part of the scale.

    Operating conditions of devices BM-1M

    Temperature from -40 ° C to +50 ° C.
    Relative humidity 98%.
    The steady-state temperature rise of all elements of the devices over an ambient temperature caused by the heat load equal to the rated current and rated voltage of not more than:
    50 ° C - for coils of wire, insulated cotton yarn, silk or nylon, impregnated with varnish, as well as for the windings of enameled wire;
    65 ° C - for coils of wire with vinifleksovoy metalvinilovoy or insulation;
    80 ° C - for non-insulated live parts.

    The insulation resistance of electrical circuits of devices relative to the body at a temperature of +20 ± 5 ° C should not be less than:
    50MOm - relative humidity 80%;
    2 MW - relative humidity of 95 ± 3%.

    Operating position of all instruments megaommetry BM-1M horizontal.
    Settling time the moving part is not more than 6 seconds.
    The ratio of the first garbage hands to steady deflection of the needle - not more than 1.5.
    Weight 2.4 kg.

Photos: BM-1M

BM-1M schematic diagram.
BM-1M schematic diagram.