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BIRI-2 Keychain LED radiation Beery-2.


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Keyring-LED radiation BIRI-2 (BIRI2, Bieri 2, BІRІ-2, BІRІ2, BІRІ 2, BІRV-2, BІRV2, BІRV 2)
Keyring-LED radiation BIRI-2 is designed to assess the dose of gamma radiation, detect radioactive contamination of beta-active radionuclides and, in case of a significant excess of permissible standards, detection of radioactive contamination of food, clothing, rooms, food, etc.
BIRI-2 pendant-light radiation to warn you about all cases in ozniknoveniya radiation hazard.The original circuit design of an electronic device Beery-2, small size, elegant appearance, ease of use, reliability - all this makes the charm Beery-1 unique device.
Technical characteristics of the devices keychains, LED radiation BIRI-2:
The range of estimated levels of exposure dose of X-ray and gamma-radiation from 10mkR/chas to 3000mkR / hour.
Continuous operation in a natural background ambient temperature of 0 ° C to +35 ° C
- svezhezaryazhennyh of batteries at least 50chas.,
- from the elements with RTS53 unexpired store at least 200chas.
Dimensions 70x40x18mm but more.
Weight keychain BIRI-2 is not more than 50g.
The counter is located near the wall opposite the eyelet keychain. Switch size Shchen on the cover food.
BIRI-2 trinket equipped charger, which charges the batteries D-0, 06 AC 220V, battery charging current up to 6mA, the duration of the charge a completely discharged battery with a voltage of 220V - 24h.