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BIF-019 BIF-019 phase shifter pole proximity.


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Shifter BIF-019 contact pole (BIF019, BIF 019, BIFO-19)
Shifter BIF-019 contact pole is designed to convert information about the angular position of the shaft in the phase shift of output voltage.
Shifter is a separate species of the machine. The device is a three-winding machine.
By design tools shifter BIF-019 contact pole are electrical machinery neyavnopolyusnogo type on the stator and rotor, which are usually located on two mutually perpendicular coils.
Mounting the unit shifter BIF-019 pole contact - flanged rim with thrust.
Mode of operation - continuous.
Technical characteristics of the devices shifters BIF-019 contact bipolar:
The excitation voltage - 15V;
Operating range of excitation - 1B-15B;
The frequency of the excitation voltage unit shifter BIF-019 contact-pole - 150 kHz;
Operating frequency range of excitation voltage - 80kHz-350kGts;
Turns Ratio - 0.79;
Coefficient nonsinusoidality form of the excitation voltage - 2%;
The phase shifter device error BIF-019 contact pole - ± 30ugl.min;
Changing the phase error when the ambient temperature changes and changes in excitation voltage - 15ugl.min;
Moment of static friction device BIF-019 contact bipolar phase shifter - 0.0005 N ∙ m;
Shaft speed - 150ob/min;
Footnote. The load resistance must exceed twice the resistance of the phase-shifting circuit;
Phase-shifting circuit parameters of the unit shifter BIF-019 contact bipolar
The frequency of the excitation voltage
The resistance R 1
The capacitance C
Additional resistance R 2
Input impedance
3710 ohm
133 Ohm
85 Ohm
3480 ohm
215 Ohm
107 Ohm
150 kHz
2730 ohm
422 Ohm
160 Ohm
1930 ohm
628 Ohm
213 Ohm
1680 ohm
833 Ohm
267 Ohm
300 kHz
1520 ohm
1041 ohm
320 Ohm
1400 ohm
1246 ohm
373 Ohm
Dimensions unit shifter BIF-019 contact pole:
- Diameter - 22mm;
- Length - 55.3 mm;
Weight - 0.2 kg;
Vibratory loads on the unit shifter BIF-019 contact pole:
- Frequency range - up to 2000Hz;
- Acceleration - 150m / s 2;
Shock - 1500m / s 2;
Ambient temperature - -60 ° C to +85 º C;
Relative humidity at 40 º C - 98%;
Warranty life unit shifter BIF-019-contact pole - 5000 hours;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the unit shifter BIF-019 contact bipolar technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.