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Gram gage BI8711-3001

Also this device can be called: BI8711 3001, BI-8711-3001, BI 8711 3001, BI87113001.


BI8711-3001 gram gage is designed to measure the force in various devices and mechanisms.


Specifications BI8711-3001:


Measuring range - from 60 gf to 300 gf.

Graduation - 20 gf.


Form probe - flat, short, triangular.

Display type - an arrow.

Scale type - round.

Housing material - plastic.


Dimensions - 50×90×20 mm.

Weight of gram gage BI8711-3001 - not more than 0.1 kg.


Gram gages BI8711-3001 consist of a plastic housing within which on the basis of an aluminum alloy attached two boards, the two flat springs pinion connected to the axis of the arrow, and a sector gear fixed thereon probe. Caseback screwed to the base and the body. To probe gram gage force is applied, which is transmitted through the pinion gears on the sector. The amount of force is measured by indications arrows of gram gage scale. Gram gage probe should move freely in the cabinet slots.


Operating conditions :


Ambient temperature - from +5° C to +50° C.

Relative humidity - not more 80%.


Do not expose gram gage shocks.

Do not load BI8711-3001 above the maximum scale value.


The manufacturer provides a guarantee of compliance with the technical requirements gram gages provided the customer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation, installed documentation manuals.

Photos: BI8711-3001

BI8711-3001 device image.
BI8711-3001 device image.
BI8711-3001 front view.
BI8711-3001 front view.
BI8711-3001 side view.
BI8711-3001 side view.
BI8711-3001 rear view.
BI8711-3001 rear view.
BI8711-3001 overhead view.
BI8711-3001 overhead view.
BI8711-3001 bottom view.
BI8711-3001 bottom view.