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BGRAI-01 Dosimeter BGRAI-01.


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    Dosimeter BGRAI-01 (BGRAI01, BGRAI 01)
     Dosimeter BGRAI-01 is designed to measure the exposure dose of X-ray and gamma radiation.
     When there is little radiation - an intermittent beep (popiskivaet) and the LED blinks, the frequency signal can roughly determine the level of radiation. When the radiation is strong - a constant signal (beeping constantly).
     Sensor in the device dosimeter BGRAI-01 serves as a Geiger-Muller GMS-20.
     Technical characteristics of the devices dosimeters BGRAI-01:
     Temperature - +1 º C-+40 º C;
     Measuring range:
      - Β-radiation - 0,2 MeV-3 meV;
      - Γ-radiation - the 0.03-MeV 3 meV;
     Time of continuous operation dosimeter BGRAI-01 in conditions of normal background radiation 15mkR / h - at least 100 hours;
     Dimensions - 130h70h13mm;
     Weight of the device dosimeter BGRAI-01 - 0,1 kg.