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BETON-70 Concrete strength indicator-70.


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Strength indicator BETON-70 (BETON70, BETON 70)
Concrete strength BETON-70 is designed to measure the propagation time of ultrasonic vibrations in the building materials for rapid determination of the strength of concrete in prefabricated and monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete products and structures.
Scope - built and operated buildings, waterworks, construction of difficult bilateral access to controlled areas, construction sites and building industry enterprises.
Distinctive features of the device display strength BETON-70:
- The surface or through-sounding mode;
- Normalized contact pressure at surface sounding;
- The ability to measure time and velocity of ultrasonic testing at surface sounding;
- Graphic multifunction display;
- Oil-petrol-resistant membrane keyboard;
- Durable aluminum housing, heavy duty;
- Small dimensions.
Technical characteristics of the instrument lights strength BETON-70:
Measuring range of ultrasonic propagation - 15mks-6500mks;
Absolute error of measurement instrument display strength BETON-70 - ± (0,1 +0,01 T) s;
Base at surface sounding - 120mm;
The duration of continuous operation flaw BETON-70 - at least 20 hours;
Size - no more 170h55h86mm;
Unit weight indicator strength BETON-70 - not more than 0.7 kg;
Delivery set
- The electronics display strength BETON-70.
- Battery pack (built-in).
- Ultrasonic probe for through sounding.
- Ultrasonic probe for surface sounding - 2 pcs ..
- Manual device flaw BETON-70;
- Methods of calibration.
- Connection cable (U.S. probe / electronics) - 2.
- A set of equivalent measures.
- Battery indicator in the instrument strength BETON-70.
- Cover for electronics.
- Carrying case.
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument display strength BETON-70 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.