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BDPN-07 Neutron detector modules BDPN-07.


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Unit neutron detector BDPN-07 (BDPN07, BDPN 07)
Unit neutron detector BDPN-07 is designed to search for sources of neutron radiation flux density measurement of thermal and fast neutrons.
- Complete with a dosimeter-radiometer MKS-07 "SEARCH" or universal dosimeter-radiometer "MKS-U."
- As part of the automated radiation monitoring systems.
Technical characteristics of the instrument probes of neutron radiation BDPN-07:
Measurement range of thermal neutron flux density - 10N / (cm 2 ∙ min)-105N / (cm 2 ∙ min);
The range of density measurements of fast neutron flux - 50N / (cm 2 · min)-105N / (cm 2 ∙ min);
Limit of allowable basic relative error of the instrument unit neutron detector BDPN-07 in the measurement of thermal neutron flux density in the calibration of Pu-Be with a confidence level of 0,95 - (20 +200 / N)%, where N - the numeric value of the measured neutron flux density ;
Energy range of detected neutrons - 0.025 eV, 14106eV;
Sensitivity of the instrument detection unit BDPN-07 to neutron radiation neutron radiation:
- For quick - 4.5 (imp · cm 2) / (neutron);
- For heat - 13.0 (pulse · cm 2) / (neutron);
The maximum exposure dose of gamma radiation, which does not introduce additional error in measuring the neutron flux density - 10.0 mR / h;
Operating temperature range device unit neutron detector BDPN-07 - from -25 º C to +55 º C;
Maximum permissible additional error in the measurement of that due to changes in ambient temperatures from -25 ° C to +55 ° C - 5% for every 10 ° C deviation from 20 ° C;
Overall dimensions of the detection unit unit unit neutron detector BDPN-07 with the main moderator - 76x195mm diameter;
Overall dimensions of the detection unit with a protective cap - Diameter 76x175mm;
Overall dimensions of the unit block of additional moderator neutron detector BDPN-07 - 215x295x270mm
The mass detection unit with the primary retarder - 0.8 kg;
The mass detection unit unit unit neutron detector BDPN-07 with protective cap * - 0.55 kg;
The mass of an additional block device * moderator neutron detector BDPN-07 - 8.0 kg;
* - Excluding clamp for telescopic rod, whose mass is 0.125 kg;
The apparatus detection unit BDPN-07 neutron radiation:
- Unit neutron detector BDPN-07 (with the main moderator);
- Additional moderator;
- A protective cover;
- A clip to attach to telescopic pole;
Instruction Manual
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the unit block of neutron detector BDPN-07 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documents.