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BDLU1-15 The sensor unit of linear accelerations BDLU1-15.


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The sensor unit of linear accelerations BDLU1-15 (BDLU115, BDLU-1-15, BDLU 1 15, BDLU1 15)
The sensor unit of linear accelerations BDLU1-15 is designed to convert linear acceleration acting on the input axis of the sensor into an electrical signal into a DC voltage which is proportional to the linear acceleration, and the sign corresponds to the direction of the linear acceleration.
Technical characteristics of the devices block linear acceleration sensor BDLU1-15:
Product production in 2012;
In the device consists of two series: protection unit DLUVCH2-15, BU-44-2-11;
In the device comprises: a block protection DLUVCH2-15, BU-44-2-11, where the number after the hyphen indicates the range of measurements in units of g; Series 2 - presence of overvoltage protection circuit for power supply 36V, 400Hz;
Power device power linear acceleration sensor BDLU1-15 single-phase AC voltage 36V, the frequency of 400Hz ± 20Hz;
The current consumed by the device - no more than 0.13 A;
Temperature range of work - from -60 º C to +60 º C;
Time ready instrument sensor unit of linear accelerations BDLU1-15 - less than 0.1 s;
Vibrochastot range - from 5Hz to 300Hz, with an overload of up to 5ed;
The coil torque setpoint (dam) for accurate slope:
- Under normal conditions - no more than ± 10%;
- At the extremes of operating temperatures - no more than ± 15%;
Dynamic characteristics of the unit block of linear acceleration sensor BDLU1-15:
- Resonant peak - not more than 1.1;
- Phase shift - no more than 25 º;
- The frequency - 10 Hz;
Load resistance - not less than 3000 ohms;
The insulation resistance unit block of linear acceleration sensor BDLU1-15 under normal conditions - not less than 20 MW;
- BDLU1-15 - no more than 0.66 kg;
- BDLU1-15 Series 2 - no more than 0.85 kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the product quality sensor unit of linear accelerations BDLU1-15 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

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