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Brake tester BDE 2304 K-BrM-SmG + 2 500$ in GIFT (devices for state technical checkup).

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    Brake stand BDE 2304 K-BrM-SmG (Cartec, Italy) is used to monitor the effectiveness of the service and parking brake systems of cars, vans and minigruzovikov axle load up to 4 tons.


    Also this Brake Tester can be called: BDE2304 K-BrM-SmG, BDE-2304 K-BrM-SmG, BDE-2304-K-BrM-SmG, BDE 2304-K-BrM-SmG, BDE 2304 K BrMSmG.
    Diameter wheels of the car - 520-790 mm.
    Track width - 800/2200 mm.

    Stand BDE-2304K-BrM-SmG measures:


    - Axle load;
    - The braking force to the wheel;
    - The control force;
    - Specific braking force;
    - The relative difference between the axis of the wheel brake forces.


    Maximum axle load - 4000 kg.
    Measuring force exerted on the control of brake system - up to 1000 N.
    Meter braking force (for one wheel) - 0-8 kN.
    The initial braking speed - 5.2 km / h
    Roller diameter - 215 mm.
    Length of rollers - 700 mm.
    The coefficient of adhesion with the rollers dry. / Humidity. - 0.9 / 0.5.
    Power supply voltage - 380 V.
    Power frequency - 50 Hz.
    The installed capacity of electric equipment - 7.4 kW.
    The maximum power measured maximum brake force for 10 - 20 kW.
    Motor power - 2x3, 7 kW.
    Overall dimensions of the stand BDE 2304 K-BrM-SmG - 670h2350h255 mm.
    Weight - 370 kg.
    Operating Temperature - 0 ° C to +70 ° C.
    Brake stands BDE 2304 K-BrM-SmG:

    - Allow testing vehicles with one or more drive axles mode (4WD);
    - Process parameters using strain gauges;
    - Reliable measurement electronics accurately captures the emerging powers;
    - Display the results, and are controlled by a standard PC;
    - Rollers are made ​​of stainless steel;
    - The mechanical parts are galvanized;
    - A color printout of the results of measurements;
    - Electric motors are protected from moisture;
    - The ability to add to the diagnosis line.

    Scope of supply:

    1. Block steel rollers for conventional and studded tires (cover SmG) - 1 pc.
    2. Mobile communications rack - 1 pc.
    3. Power and communication cables - 1 set.
    4. Interface for PC - 1 pc.
    5. Videoline Software - Russified software diagnostic line with the bank customer data - 1 pc.
    6. Module 4WD. Reverse rolls all-wheel. You must have the remote control and the sensor for measuring the force on the brake pedal PD7 - 1 pc.
    7. Infrared remote control - infrared remote control. To stand control by the driver - 1 pc.
    8. PD 7 - sensor for measuring the force on the brake pedal. Cable version. Designed for measuring the force on the brake pedal during braking test bench. For measurements attached to the shoe operator with an adjustable quick-release strap. Galvanised housing and stainless steel sensor allow the use in harsh industrial environments - 1 set.
    9. ALW 2000 - weighing device load on the axle. It is recommended that if the stand does not come with suspension tester FWT - 1 set.
    10. Automatic locking roller brake tester BDE 2304 K-BrM-SmG. Do not allow electric motors and rollers rotate when leaving the car with the brake tester. Easier and faster check-out, increasing the capacity of the stand. Reduces the load on the motors, prolonging their lifespan - 1 set.
    11. Base frame for supporting device - to install the device weighing axle load and pnevmovytalkivatelya - 1 pc.

Photos: BDE 2304 K-BrM-SmG

BDE 2304 K-BrM-SmG brake tester.
BDE 2304 K-BrM-SmG brake tester.
BDE 2304 K-BrM-SmG brake stand foundation plan.
BDE 2304 K-BrM-SmG brake stand foundation plan.