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Detecting unit of gamma radiation BDBG-15S

Also, this device can be called: bdbg 15s, bdbg15s.


BDBG-15S detecting unit of gamma radiation for measurement of ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma radiation in a wide range of values.


Detecting units BDBG-15S are suitable for unmanned aerial vehicles, mobile robotic devices and automated systems of radiation monitoring.


BDBG-15S is available in two modifications - BDBG-15S-09 and BDBG-15S-23, which differ in size and sensitivity of scintillation detector.


Technical characteristics of the BDBG-15S:


Measurement range of gamma radiation DER- from 0,01 μSv/h to 1 Sv/h.

Main relative error in measurements - not more than 15%.


Energy range - from 50 keV to 3 MeV.

Energy dependence - not more than ±25%.


Sensitivity for 137Сs at 1 μSv/h:

- BDBG-15S-09 - not less than 180 cps;

- BDBG-15S-23 - not less than 500 cps.


Supply voltage - 12 V.

Current consumption - not more than 50 mA.

Digital interface - RS-485 or UART (RX,TX-3,3V).


Detector types:

- scintillation CsI (Tl) detector with a photomultiplier for measurements in the 0,01 μSv/h to 50 μSv/h range (spectrum-dose function) - 9 cm3 for BDBG-15S-09 and 23 cm3 for BDBG-15S-23;

- energy-compensated Geiger-Muller counter for measurements in the range - from 50 μSv/h to 1 Sv/h.


Operating temperature range - from -30° С to +50° С.

Ingress protection rating of the unit - IP65.



- BDBG-15S-09 - 57×103×28,5 mm;

- BDBG-15S-23 - 70×140×37 mm.


- BDBG-15S-09 - not more than 0,25 kg;

- BDBG-15S-23 - not more than 0,35 kg.


Detecting unit BDBG-15S has high mechanical resistance and lack of microphone effect.

Photos: BDBG-15S

BDBG-15S image of detecting unit.
BDBG-15S image of detecting unit.