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BDBG-09 waterproof

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Intelligent detecting unit of gamma radiation BDBG-09 water-resistant

Also, this device can be called: bdbg 09, bdbg09, bdbg-o9.


BDBG-09 water-resistant intelligent detecting unit of gamma radiation designed for measurement of ambient dose equivalent rate (DER) of gamma radiation. It can be used as a part of the computer-aided systems for radiation monitoring of DER measurement in water bodies and artificial reservoirs.


Branches of use - radiological laboratories, sanitary dosimetry and ecology, nuclear power industry.


Technical characteristics of the BDBG-09 water-resistant:


Measurement range of gamma radiation DER- from 0,01 µSv/h to 10 Sv/h.

Energy range of registered gamma radiation - from 0,05 MeV to 3 MeV.


Main relative permissible error limit of gamma radiation DER measurement when calibrated to 137Cs with 0,95 confidence probability - ±(15+2/H·(10))%, where H·(10) is a numeric value of measured DER equivalent to µSv/h.


Anisotropy of the BDBG-09 water-resistant at gamma quanta incidence at angles from +60° to -60° vertically and horizontally to the main direction of measurement marked by «+» symbol:

- 137Cs and 60Со isotopes - not more than 25%;

- 241Am isotope - not more than 60%.


Operating supply voltage range of the detecting unit from external stabilized power supply - from 7 V to 13 V.

Current consumption of the detecting unit for overall range of gamma radiation DER to be measured - 30 mA.

Setup time of operating mode and measurement time of the detecting units BDBG-09 water-resistant - not more than 3 min.


Operating temperature range (in water) - from -40° С to +60° С (from +3° С to +60° С).

Maximum depth of immersion of the detecting unit - 20 m.

The detecting unit BDBG-09 water-resistant is produced in hermetic stainless steel housing with IP68 ingress protection rating. It is resistant to sinusoidal vibrations according to regulatory documents.


Dimensions of the detecting unit:

- hermetically sealed housing - 49×57,5×310 mm;

- length of the connecting cable - not more than 5 m.

Weight of the detecting unit BDBG-09 water-resistant (with the connecting cable) - not more than 5 kg.


Gamma detecting unit based on the Geiger-Muller counter.

Data exchange between the detecting unit and the data display system through RS-485 interface.

Photos: BDBG-09 waterproof

BDBG-09 water-resistant image of detecting unit.
BDBG-09 water-resistant image of detecting unit.
BDBG-09 water-resistant purpose of use.
BDBG-09 water-resistant purpose of use.