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Aneroid BAMM-1

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Aneroid BAMM-1 meteorological laboratory (BAMM 1 BAMM1, BAM-1)
Aneroid BAMM-1 meteorological laboratory is designed to measure the pressure in the ground conditions at an ambient temperature of 0 º C to +40 o C and relative humidity to 80%.
Technical characteristics aneroid devices BAMM-1 meteorological laboratory:
Measurement range - from 80kPa to 106kPa (from up.).
Permissible absolute error of measurement instrument aneroid Meteorological Laboratory BAMM-1 - ± 0,2 kPa (± 1,5 mm Hg).
Limit of permissible additional error of - ± 0,5 kPa (± 3,75 mm Hg).
Scale-pressure device barometer BAMM-1 Meteorological Laboratory - 0.1 kPa (0.5 mmHg).
Overall dimensions
- Diameter - 152mm;
- Height - 90mm.
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Photos: Aneroid BAMM-1

BAMM-1 barometer image.
BAMM-1 barometer image.
BAMM-1 front view.
BAMM-1 front view.
BAMM-1 side view.
BAMM-1 side view.
BAMM-1 rear view.
BAMM-1 rear view.