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Power supply B5-90

Also, this device can be called: B590, B5 90, B5-9О, B59О, B5 9О, B-590, B 590.


B5-90 power supply for installation in a wide range of DC output voltage and current, provided not exceeding the maximum output power.


Scope: stabilized DC power supply voltage or current electronic equipment in laboratory studies, exploitation, production and maintenance, work as part of measurement systems.


Specifications B5-90:


Load power Pout - 750 W.

Limits Vout - 1 V to 60 V.

Limits Iout - 0,01 A to 50 A.

Setting stress with readability - 10 mV.

Installing currents with readability - 10 mA.


Line Regulation:

- network ±(0,001 U + 0,001) V;

- load ± (0,001 U + 0,001) V.


Line regulation:

- network ±(0,001 I + 0,005) A;

- load ± (0,005 I + 0,005) A.


Setting accuracy:

- voltage - ±(0,001 U + 0,005) V;

- current - ±(0,005 I + 0,005) A.


Output voltage ripple - (-5) mV.

Output current ripple - (-10) mA.

Efficiency of the power supply B5-90 - 80%.

Dimensions - 300×290×135 mm.

Weight - 5,9 kg.


Any combination of output voltage and current are within the tolerances provided not exceeding the power output - 750 W.

Measurement and digital display values of the output voltage and current.

Factor correction power consumption.

Protection against overload and short circuit B5-90.

Thermal ventilation system.

Thermal protection - 80° C.

Work in remote control via RS-232, USB.


Operating conditions B5-90:


The ambient air temperature - from 5° C to 40° C;

Relative humidity at 30° C - 90-95%;

Atmospheric pressure 750+30 mm of mercury.

Mains voltage - (220±22) V.

Mains frequency - (50±1) Hz.


Control output parameters source B5-90 can be performed manually using the buttons and encoder on the front panel or remotely via existing interfaces RS232, USB, which provides the power supply B5-90 (or group of sources) as part of automated measuring systems.

Rectangular load characteristic (voltage regulation, current stabilization) allows you to connect the output of several parallel sources, summarizing their output.


Power supplies B5-90 have programmable up to 6 user profiles for 30 points each. This function allows you to specify the path of output voltage or (and) the current time, and set the number of repetitions to profile 250 times. This feature is useful for organizing and charging different applications in electroplating. For special applications in electroplating have the option of "current reversal", which can be used in the formation of a user profile.

Photos: B5-90

B5-90 device image.
B5-90 device image.