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    Power supply B5-9 (B-5-9, B 5-9; b 5-9; b -5-9; b 5-9)

    Power supply B5-9 - a device designed to supply electronic circuits and devices stabilized DC voltage.
    The working range of the output voltage of 2V to 100V.
    The maximum permissible load current device 1A.
    Power supply B5-9: 220 ± 22V, 50 ± 0,5 Hz, 220 ± 11V, 400 +28 /-12Hz.
    Power consumption: 250W.

    Dimensions B5-9 - 130 × 233 × 435mm, and the weight does not exceed 11kg. The tool includes the following precious metals
    - Gold - 0.034454 g;
    - Silver - 1.040833 g;
    - Palladium - 0.01006 g

    Specifications B5-9

    The output voltage of the device B5-9 is adjustable from zero to the maximum 100V ten steps with smooth overlap between them. In the range from 0 to the output voltage 2V parameters are not specified.
    The basic error of the output voltage of the power supply B5-9 does not exceed:
    ± 3% for the maximum value;
    - In digitized points 10 to 90B through 10B is defined by the formula
    Δ = ± (0,03 V to +0.2 V)
    where V to - nominal value of the digitized points of the scale unit.
    Output jacks of the unit B5-9, isolated from the hull. Allowed ground plus or minus output voltage.
    Output voltage ripple on the nests B5-9 in the control range from 2V to a maximum value shall not exceed the effective value of 1 mV at an acceptable load current.
    Instability of output voltage regulation range from 2 to 100 V, when the supply voltage at 10% (for frequency 50 Hz) and ± 5% (for the frequency of 400Hz) from a nominal exposure for the extreme values ​​for 1 or 5 minutes at any admissible load current must not exceed ± 0,03% respectively and ± 0,1%. The instability of the maximum output voltage of 100 V when the tone of the load from zero to the maximum permissible load current 1A does not exceed 0.1%.
    The temperature coefficient of the output voltage in the range of 2 to 100 V when the ambient temperature of 5 ° C to 40 ° C at the maximum allowable load current does not exceed 0,025% / ° C after warm-up time. Output voltage drift over 8 hours of continuous operation of the power supply B5-9 does not exceed 0.2%.
    Protect the device against short circuit and overload relay when the load current is exceeded by 10-60% of the maximum permissible value 1A.
    Dielectric strength input and output with the panel, B5-9 is not less than 1000 V dc under normal conditions.         Insulation resistance input and output relative to the housing supply B5-9 20MOm at least under normal conditions.
    Power supply B5-9 provide their specifications within the standards set by the specifications, after heating for one hour in normal and two hours in the working environments. The unit B5-9 permits the continuous eight-hour work in the field.         MTBF of the device is 1700 hours.
    Power supply B5-9 stores the specification in a temperature range from 5 ° C to 40 ° C, relative humidity 95% at 30 ° C and atmospheric pressure, 750 ± 30 mm Hg. Art.

Photos: B5-9

B5-9 device image.
B5-9 device image.
B5-9 front view.
B5-9 front view.
B5-9 side view.
B5-9 side view.
B5-9 rear view.
B5-9 rear view.
B5-9 overhead view.
B5-9 overhead view.
B5-9 bottom view.
B5-9 bottom view.