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Power source B5-84/1

Also, the device can be called: B5 84/1, B584/1, B5841, B5 84 1.


Power sources B5-84/1 intended for reproduction of the voltage or DC power, the measurement of output voltage DC and DC output, power supply units with stabilized voltage of a direct current or direct current.

The device represents the compensation stabilizer, which subsequently incorporated regulatory elements and amplifiers feedback voltage and current.

Scope of application, B5-84/1: at the control, adjustment, repair of devices and systems for various applications in research institutes, testing laboratories, factories, repair shops.


Technical characteristics:


Measurement ranges:

- output voltage - from 0 to 100;

- output current from 0 A to 1 A.


Limits of allowable absolute error of measurement device power supply B5-84/1:

Output voltage:

basic to + / -3 V;

- in working conditions - ±4,5 V.


Output current:

- basic - ±0,05;

- in working conditions - ±0,075 A.


Instability of output voltage, for the model B5-84/1:

- when the ambient temperature on the 10 - no more than 400 mV;

- from time to time - not more than 400 mV;

change of supply voltage - 0,02%;

- at change of the load current - 0,03%.


Instability of output current:

- when the ambient temperature on the 10 - no more than 30 mA;

from time - 30 mA;

change of supply voltage - 0,05%;

- at change of the load voltage - 1%.



- output voltage of 0.5 mV;

- output current - 0,1%.


Maximum output voltage deviation (rejection) of the 1 V.

Time of setting of the output voltage of the power source B5-84/1 - 100 microseconds.

Output voltage deviation when you turn off the 1 V.

The electrical insulation resistance of the circuits - 7 MOhm.


Weight - no more than 5,5 kg

Overall dimensions of the device power supply B5-84/1 - 115х185х360 mm


Operating conditions:


The ambient temperature robots B5-84/1 - from 5 to 40ºc.

Relative humidity at +25 oC - 80%.

Atmospheric pressure from 84 kPa to 106.7 kPa (from 630 mm Hg to 800 mm Hg).

AC voltage - 230±23 V.

Frequency AC - 50 approximately 0.5 Hz.

Power consumption for device - no more than 280·A.

Average time between failures - not less than 15,000 hours


The manufacturer warrants the compliance of the produced power source B5-84/1 all technical requirements under the consumer of the rules and conditions of operation, storage and transportation, fixed in the documentation manual.

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