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Power supply B5-80

Also, this device can be called: B580, B5 80, B5-8O, B58O, B5 8O, B-580, B 580.


B5-80 power supply is designed to power wireless devices, stabilized DC voltage and current.


Scope: supply system in the design, manufacture, maintenance, repair of radio and electronic equipment.


Specifications B5-80:


Output voltage range - from 0 V to 30 V.

Output current range - from 0 A to 4 A.

Maximum permissible error of voltage - ±(0,1%U + 0,015) V.

Maximum permissible error of current - ± (0,2%I + 0,012) A.

Readability voltage installation - 0,01 V.

Readability current position - 0,01 A.


Dimensions - 105×266×398 mm.

Weight B5-80 - 8 kg.


Operating conditions B5-80:


Ambient temperature - from +5° C to +40° C.

Relative humidity at a temperature of +25° C to - 98%.

Mains voltage - (220±22) V.

Mains frequency - (50±1) Hz.


The DC power supplies B5-80 are used both independently and as part of automated systems when working with computer-controlled via RS 232 or RS 485.

Photos: B5-80

B5-80 device image.
B5-80 device image.