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Сonstant current source B5-79/1

Also, this device can be called: B579/1, B5 79/1, B5-79-1, B5 79 1, B579-1, B-579/1, B 579/1.


B5-79/1 constant current source is designed to supply wireless devices in the development, adjustment, test and repair units, units and appliances electronic equipment in a wide range of DC voltages and currents in power up to 300 W.


Power supplies B5-79/1 are used to play the voltage and constant current, development, production and operation of electronic equipment. Effective automated systems in the management directly from the PC and the network INTERNET.


Specifications B5-79/1:


Output voltage range - from 0 V to 60 V.

Output current range - from 0,2 A to 10 A.

Output B5-79/1 - from 0 W to 300 W.

Permissible basic error of output voltage from the front panel - ±100 mV.

Permissible basic error in setting the output current from the front panel - ±100 mA.

Limits of permissible instability of output voltage in the network to ±10% - ±(0,01% from U + 1 mV).

Instability limits of permissible output current when the network ±10% - ±(0,02% from I + 2 mA).

Instability limits of permissible output voltage when the load changes - ±(0,02% from U + 5 mV)

Instability limits of permissible output current when the load changes - ±(0,05% from I + 5 mA).


Output current ripple:

- mode current regulation - 5 mA SK3;

- in voltage - 3 mV SK3, 50 mV VSS.


Dimensions B5-79/1 - no more 240x325x140 mm.

Weight - 5,5 kg.


Operating conditions B5-79/1:


The ambient air temperature - from -10° C to +55° C.

Relative humidity at a temperature of +25° C to - 98%.

Mains voltage - (220±22) V.

Mains frequency - (50±1) Hz.

Power consumed by the device at the rated voltage - no more than 500 V·A.


B5-79/1 allows for tough operating conditions:


- voltage stabilization;

- stabilization of the current;

- set the maximum output voltage regardless of the magnitude of the control input of the output voltage;

- indication of output voltage and current;

- load connection four-wire;

- management B5-79/1:

- manually from the front panel;

- remotely via an RS-232, Internet (LAN).