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technical documentation on the gas analyzers AUTOTEST-02.02:

AUTOTEST-02.02 gazoanalіzator passport.


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AUTOTEST-02.02 gazoanalіzator manual.


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Gas analyzer Avtotest-02.02 0 - A device used to control the toxicity of all types of vehicles with internal combustion engines.


Measurement of 4 components: CO, CH, CO 2, O 2.


Calculating λ-parameter.
Automatic zero adjustment without turning off probozabornika.
Measuring the speed of the crankshaft and the operating temperature of the engine oil.
Towing condensate.

Gas analyzers Autotest-02.02 are fully certified and certified in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, as well as included in the State Register of MI:

Structural features Avtotest-02.02 0
On the front panel of the device Avtotest-02.02 includes: two LCD alphanumeric display with backlight, reflecting the value of the concentration of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen in the exhaust gases of the vehicle, λ-parameter, the number of revolutions of the motor shaft and the oil temperature, the power button ON, OPERATION button / PAUSE button; button zero correction Korean; PRINT button, the button is working.
On the rear panel, which has a gas analyzer Avtotest-02.02, includes: nipple for feeding the gas sample into the instrument INPUT, nipple discharge gas samples from the device RESET INPUT port of the condensate, condensate drain fitting RESET fitting clean air, guide rails for mounting To catch Leu cap, fuse holder, with the power cable, DC jack tachometer cable, connector for cable connection to a personal computer through the RS-232 connector for the temperature sensor.
Sample Sample gas is taken from the exhaust pipe of the vehicle sample probe tip. In the handle of the probe is placed strainer, where the pre-treatment of the gas from the carbon particles and aerosols. Further, the gas sample is sent to the device through the tube delivery.
The results of the measurement analyzer Avtotest-02.02 and service information for the user is displayed on the alphanumeric LCD display.
In the conversion unit are as follows: the sample gas compressor, compressor condensate evacuation, an optical unit comprising a cuvette transmitter, modulator, and a light receiving unit. To exclude additional error from changes in ambient air and sample gas detector and the optical cell Avtotest-02.02 reserved insulating sheaths and incubated stabilization systems.
Specifications Avtotest-02.02 0
The limits of measurement error and the values ​​that allow the gas analyzer Avtotest-02.02, served in Table 1.
Table 1.
CO 2
About 2
The limits of measurement
0, -1 2000mln
-1 0-5m
0-16M -1
0 -1 21 million-
Permissible relative error
± 5%
± 3%
± 4%
± 3%
Permissible absolute error
-1 ± 10 million
± 0,03%
± 0,5%
± 0,1%
Gas analyzers Avtotest-02.02 also measured the following parameters:
- The speed is 0-8000mln -1;
- Λ-parameter - 0,50-2,00;
- Oil temperature - 20 ° C-125 ° C.
Gas Analyzer Avtotest-02.02 has a flow rate of sample gas of at least 60 l / h Response time unit Avtotest-02.02 - no more than 60 seconds and has an operating duty no more than 30 minutes.
Gas analyzer Avtotest-02.02 0 carries food from the following sources:
- In PSU AC 220V ± 22V;
- From the DC bus (system voltage) of 12.6 ± 2V.
The power consumed by the device is no more than 25W.
Operating conditions Avtotest-02.02
Gazonalizatory Avtotest-02.02 0 for use in the following conditions:
- Air temperature - 0-40 ° C;
- Atmospheric pressure of 36.6 kPa to 106.7 kPa;
- Relative humidity at +30 ° C - less than 95%;
- The working of the appliance - horizontal with a tolerance of ± 20 °;
- Power: AC DC voltage (12,6 ± 2) or AC 220V, 50Hz power supply from the remote;
- The temperature of the mixture being analyzed on the union of no more than 50 ° C;
- The temperature of the mixture being analyzed inlet probozabornik not more than 200 ° C.

Photos: AVTOTEST-02.02 0

AVTOTEST-02.02 gas analyzer device image.
AVTOTEST-02.02 gas analyzer device image.
AUTOTEST-02.02 gas analyzer type approval certificate MI, Russia.
AUTOTEST-02.02 gas analyzer type approval certificate MI, Russia.
AUTOTEST-02.02 gas analyzer type approval certificate MI, Ukraine.
AUTOTEST-02.02 gas analyzer type approval certificate MI, Ukraine.
AUTOTEST-02.02 gas analyzer type approval certificate MI, Belarus.
AUTOTEST-02.02 gas analyzer type approval certificate MI, Belarus.
AUTOTEST-02.02 gas analyzer declaration of conformity.
AUTOTEST-02.02 gas analyzer declaration of conformity.