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    Radar speed meter with video recording AVTOSKAN-S is designed to measure the speed of vehicles, public recognition of the license plate TC, preservation and further use of information and print images recorded speeding.


    Also, this device can be called: AVTOSKAN S, abtockah-c, abtockahc.


    Meter AVTOSKAN-S represents the passage of vehicles inspection stations - it fotoradarnye sensors located over the traffic lanes and post video, spaced 130-150 m from the control stations.


    The principle of operation is based on the meter measuring the difference in frequency between the signal emitted by the velocity meter and a signal reflected from the control zone being in a moving vehicle (Doppler effect).
    Rate range - from 20 km/h to 250 km/h
    Control zone:
    - Length - no more than 15 m;
    - Width - no more than 10 m
    Range of visual recognition of license plate in the image on the monitor with a probability of 90% at an illumination of not less than 50 lux - 100 m
    Adjusting the recording - from 5 seconds to 60 seconds.
    Working frequency - 24,150 ± 0,1 GHz.
    Radiation power - 10 mW.
    MTBF - 10,000 hours
    Average life - 6 years.
    Functionality velocimeters AVTOSKAN-S:
    - Measurement of vehicle speed in automatic mode;
    - Measurement of the velocity only counter or just passing vehicle;
    - Automatic video and beeping when exceeding the speed limit established TC;
    - Reporting of abuse in an electronic file with the ability to view it on the display or PC monitor;
    - Automatic image capturing TC in the control zone, moving in a fixed direction and exceeded the threshold speed;
    - A visual display on the display or on the screen snapshots of road conditions with the date, time and speed of the vehicle;
    - Mashing outdated information when filling new records media capacity;
    - In izualnoe character recognition state registration plates of facsimiles of vehicles on the display at the specified maximum range and minimum illumination of at least 90%.
    - The inability to remove unauthorized recording of a violation of traffic rules by the operator and log work with the program.
    Operating conditions:
    Equipment meter disposed outdoors:
    - Ambient temperature - from -40 ° C to +50 ° C;
    - Atmospheric pressure - 650 mm Hg. Art. to 800 mm Hg. Art.
    Meter equipment located on the premises:
    - Ambient temperature - +10 ° C to +40 ° C;
    - Atmospheric pressure - 650 mm Hg. Art. to 800 mm Hg. Art.
    Meter equipment, located in the car:
    - Ambient temperature - from 0 ° C to + 50 ° C;
    - Atmospheric pressure - 650 mm Hg. Art. to 800 mm Hg. Art.
    Voltage - 220 V.
    Power consumption - 1000 watts.
    Dimensions - 520h410h280 mm.
    Weight - 35 kg.


Fotoradarny sensor.
Fotoradarny sensor.