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The system automatically scan video recording, Avtoskan-MV - video recording system used for video recording speed violations and traffic rules with a mark in the shot date, time, vehicle speed.


Also this device can be called: Avtoskan MV.


    Setting the speed threshold - from 20km / h to 200km / h
    Increments speed threshold - 5 km / h
    Time of a single measurement of speed - no more than 2 seconds.
    Power supply - from 10V to 16V.
    Current consumption - no more than 1.8 A.

    Overall dimensions:
    - Set top Box - 150 × 190 × 210mm;
    - Color camera - 215 × 90 × 70mm;
    - Bracket - 365 × 235 × 190mm.

    - Top box - no more than 2 kg;
    - A color video camera - no more than 0.6 kg;
    - Bracket - not more than 1.1 kg.
    The device automatically scan-MV used in practice by inspectors of traffic police to detect speeding violators.
    Avtoskan-MV provides the following functionality:

    - Video recording images of speeding violators in manual or automatic mode (when the threshold is exceeded the speed limit);
    - To view the recorded video clips on the monitor violations;
    - To mark the offending video clip speed, time and date;
    - Combining the functions of a digital camera for pictures of places of accidents and video recording violations of the participants of the rules of the road.
    - Video recording images in the form of color;
    - Preservation of the clips on the internal memory.
    - Preservation of important clips in a rented ARCHIVE card.

    Specifications Avtoskan-MV

    Video recording device with Avtoskan-MV made ​ ​clips. Time interval between frames of the clip may be installed by the user in the range of from 0.1 seconds to 5 seconds in 0.1 second.
    Clips recorded in the archive-map can be viewed on the monitor unit. The stored information can be transferred from the unit Avtoskan-MV PC hard drive with help of the reader.
    The amount saved in the archive, the device Avtoskan-MV frame is shown in Table 1.

    Table 1
 Memory capacity ARCHIVE CARD
 Number of storable pictures

    Operating conditions Avtoskan-MV

    Ambient temperature for various elements of the device Avtoskan-MV shall have the following meanings:
    - For the top box from -10 ° C to +50 ° C;
    - For cameras and speed meter - from -30 ° C to +50 ° C;
    For optimal system performance Avtoskan-MV relative humidity at 25 ° C should be 98%, and atmospheric pressure - 60 kPa - 106.7 kPa.


Avtoskan-MV device image.
Avtoskan-MV device image.
Avtoskan-MV in operation.
Avtoskan-MV in operation.
Avtoskan-MV drawing.
Avtoskan-MV drawing.