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Gas analyzer AVG-4-2.01 + 8 426 RUB. A GIFT (devices for inspection, breathalyzer, dosimeters ...)

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Giving 15% of the cost of devices
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    Gas analyzer AVG-4-2.01 is used to measure the volume fraction of carbon monoxide, total hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases of vehicles with gasoline engines. Also equipped with a channel for measuring engine speed and temperature of the oil in the crankcase.


    Also, this device can be called: AVG4-2.01, AVG 4-2.01, AVG 4 2.01, AVG4 2.01.


    Accuracy class - 2.
    The calculated parameters for different fuels.
    Technical characteristics of the gas analyzer:

    Measuring range CO - 0-7%.
    Measuring range CH - 0-3000 ppm.
    The range of measurements of CO 2 - 16%.
    Measuring range of O 2 - 21%.
    The error of measurement of CO, CH, CO 2, O 2 - ± 6%.
    Excess air ratio, the - 0-2.
    The engine speed - 0-1200/0-6000 rev / min.
    The range of monitoring the oil temperature - 20-100 ° C.
    Power - 12 V/220 V.
    Dimensions AVG-4-2 .01 - 320 mm h170h280.
    Warm (20 ° C) - no more than 30 minutes.
    The power consumed in the measurement mode - no more than 30 · A.
    Mean time to failure - at least 10,000 hours
    Durability - not less than 10 years.
    Weight - not more than 7 kg.
    Automatic condensate drain.
    Automatic calibration and zeroing.
    Analyzer in a metal casing intended to be mounted on a horizontal surface. Gas analyzer AVG-4-2.01 consists of a system of sampling and sample preparation, the primary converter, consisting of the measuring unit (BEE) and the electronics (BE).
    Sampling and sample preparation system includes a gas analyzer flue gas probe, sampling hose, strainer (fuel filter), fine filter, booster air flow and collection of condensate.

    Operating conditions of gas analyzers AVG-4-2.01:

    Ambient temperature range - from 0 ° C to 40 ° C.
    The range of relative humidity environment at 30 ° C - 95%.
    Additional option - available ukomplektatsiya heated hose to carry out diagnostic work at temperatures down to -20 ° C.
    Gas analyzers AVG-4-2.01 can be used at service stations cars and other businesses related to the repair and adjustment of engines in accordance with the established norms of emissions of carbon monoxide, total hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen oxide.
    The device is designed for operation in the lines of technical control: measurement results are automatically transmitted to a central computer, which can significantly speed up the process of diagnosis.
    Comes with software and cable for connection to a PC.
    Scope of supply:

    1. Gas analyzer AVG-4-2.01-1 pc.
    2. Probe gazozaborny - 1 pc.
    3. Filter gasoline - 1 pc.
    4. Power cable to the 12 - 1 pc.
    5. Power cable for 220 V - 1 pc.
    6. Tachometer sensor with cable - 1 pc.
    7. Sample probe tube - 1 pc.
    8. Oil temperature sensor - 1 pc.
    9. Cable connection to a PC - 1 pc.
    10. Manual - 1 pc.

Photos АВГ-4-2.01

AVG-4-2.01 gas analyzer device image.
AVG-4-2.01 gas analyzer device image.
AVG-4-2.01 gas analyzer gas intake probe.
AVG-4-2.01 gas analyzer gas intake probe.