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ATSN-8-275-UKhL4 (ATSN 8275 UKhL4; ATSN 8-275 UKhL4; ATSN-8-275 UKhL4)
Transformer ATSN-8-275-UKhL4 - a device designed for variable voltage AC power frequency 50Hz.
Number of phases - 3.
Rated primary voltage - 275V.
Rated frequency - 50Hz - 60Hz.
Rated load current - 8A.
Transformers ATSN-8-275-UKhL4 commonly used in electrical work in laboratories as well as for production purposes - regulation of temperature muffle furnaces and thermostats requiring voltage regulation.

Symbol structure ATSN-8-275-UKhL4

- A - autotransformer;
- T - three phase;
- C - dry with natural cooling;
- N - with load voltage regulation;
- 8 - The nominal load current, A;
- 275 - the nominal primary voltage, V;
- UKhL4 - climatic version and category according to GOST 15150-69.

Operating conditions ATSN-8-275-UKhL4

Transformers ATSN-8-275-UKhL4 designed for use in the following conditions:
- Height above sea level - up to 1000m;
- Environment explosive, not containing conductive dust and corrosive gases and vapors in concentrations destroying metals and isolation.