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АТСН-8-220-75YХL4 (АТСН-8-220-75УХЛ4)

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Made in: 2018


     Autotransformer АТСН-8-220-75YХL4 (АТСН 8-220-75 YХL 4, АТСН8-220-75YХL 4, АТSN 8-220-75 UHL 4, АТSN8-220-75UHL 4,)
     Designed for AC voltage smooth control with industrial frequency 50- 60 Hz.
     Nominal primary voltage 150V/220V
     Secondary voltage regulation limit at idle, V
     Nominal current load
     Nominal frequency 50 Hz
     Quantity of phases 3

Autotransformer АТСН-8-220-75YХL4 designed for AC voltage smooth control with industrial frequency 50- 60 Hz.
Autotransformer АТСН-8-220-75YХL4 can be used for various works in electrotechnical laboratories for example: for power up transformers, in fuse box testing, relays, machines regulation, current limiters, etc., as well as for production purposes - temperature regulation in muffle furnaces and thermostats, and in other cases requiring voltage regulation.
Autotransformer АТСН-8-220-75YХL4 designed for work in climatic conditions YXL and location category 4 in accordance with GOST 15150-69, at altitude up to 1000 m above sea level, environment is not explosive, does not contain conductive dust, corrosive gases and vapors in concentrations, destroying metals and insulation.  

Autotransformer АТСН-8-220-75YХL4, top view

Autotransformer - АТСН-8-220-75YХL4 - top view

    Autotransformer АТСН-8-220-75YХL4, side view

Autotransformer - АТСН-8-220-75YХL4 - side view

Autotransformer - АТСН-8-220-75YХL4 - side view

Autotransformers symbol structure stands as follows:
 A - Autotransformer T - Three-phase
 C - Dry with natural cooling
 H - On-load voltage regulation
 8 - Nominal current load, A
 220 - Nominal primary voltage, V
 75 - The year of production beginning
 YXL 4 - Climatic version and placement category are according to GOST 15150-69
Technical characteristics of Autotransformer АТСН-8-220-75YХL4:
Rated power inshort-termoperationfor4 hours,
2.5 kV·A
Nominal primary voltage
from 150 to 220V
Secondary voltage regulation limit at idle, v
Nominal current load
Nominal frequency
Idle running current
Idle running losses, not more
Level A
Level B
Quantity of phases
(408±5)х(370±5)х(210±1.5) mm
29.5 kg
*Mobilecontacts can belocatedina fixed position fornot more than 4hours.
Level A refers to transformers, made from electrical steel with specific losses, which do not exceeding 0.9 Watt / kg. Level B is not more than 1.1 Watt / kg.

Photos АТСН-8-220-75YХL4 (АТСН-8-220-75УХЛ4)

ATSN-8-220-75UHL4 device image.
ATSN-8-220-75UHL4 device image.
ATSN-8-220-75UHL4 front view.
ATSN-8-220-75UHL4 front view.
ATSN-8-220-75UHL4 side view.
ATSN-8-220-75UHL4 side view.
ATSN-8-220-75UHL4 overhead view.
ATSN-8-220-75UHL4 overhead view.