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ACDR-2/1/5I-0,5 Dynamometer ATSDR-2/1/5I-0, 5 tension electronic.


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Dynamometer ACDR-2/1/5I-0,5 tension electronic (ACDR2/1/5I0,5, ACDR 2/1/5I 0,5, ACDR-2/1/5I0,5, ACDR2/1/5I-0,5)
Dynamometer ACDR-2/1/5I-0,5 electronic expansion is designed to measure the static tensile strength.
Apply to the periodic verification siloizmeritelnyh device testing machines and stands, and the workers working in tension dynamometers.
Technical characteristics of the devices ACDR-2/1/5I-0,5 dynamometers tension electronic:
Class of accuracy determined by the price scale interval d and reading device operating range (NPI - the largest measuring range, NmPI - lower limit of measurement);
The lowest limit of the instrument measuring dynamometer ACDR-2/1/5I-0,5 electronic expansion may be taken as 2.5% or 10% of the NPI;
The highest value measured - 2kN;
Lower limit of measurement - 0.2 kN;
Graduation device ACDR-2/1/5I-0,5 dynamometer tension electronic - 0.0001 kN;
Accuracy class - 0.5;
Time to establish the measurement device dynamometer tension ACDR-2/1/5I-0,5 - 0.1 s;
Limits allowed by the relative magnitude of indications - 0.10%;
Limits allowed by the device relative hysteresis dynamometer tension electronic ACDR-2/1/5I-0,5 - ± 0,15%;
Acceptable limit of relative total error - ± 0,12%;
Normal operating conditions the device ACDR-2/1/5I-0,5 dynamometer tension electronic:
- Ambient temperature - from +10 º C to +35 º C;
- Relative humidity - 40% to 85%;
- Safe Overload - 150%;
- Maximum Overload - 200%;
Class dust-, water-resistance strain gauge load cell device ACDR-2/1/5I-0,5 tension electronic - IP66;
Cable length - 3 m (standard);
Possible extension cable up to 20 m;
Galvanically isolated interface device ACDR-2/1/5I-0,5 dynamometer tension electronic - RS 232;
Response time - 0.2 seconds;
The relay module (three optorele);
Dynamometers have a scale named in Kn (H), which allows you to instantly determine the value of the measured force;
ACDR-2/1/5I-0,5 dynamometers tension electronic allow fixing the maximum (peak) value attached increasing or decreasing effort;
Allows the use of high performance dynamometers for measuring continuously evolving efforts;
Electronic dynamometers are a strain gauge, the cabled connection with electronic measuring indicator;
In order to expand the scope of the instrument ACDR-2/1/5I-0,5 dynamometer tension electronic sensors are used several sizes determining the size dynamometer;
Depending on the application, dynamometers silovvodyaschie elements can be performed in many different versions, without affecting the accuracy of the testimony;
Additional instrument options ACDR-2/1/5I-0,5 dynamometer tension electronic:
- Self-contained power unit;
- Built-in power supply unit autonomous dynamometer ACDR-2/1/5I-0,5 tension electronic;
- Wireless electronic test indicator (radio up to 100m);
- Relay module;
- Analog output;
- Aluminum case;
- Split clamp device omegoobraznye ACDR-2/1/5I-0,5 dynamometer tension electronic;
- Detachable bracket series SAK;
The manufacturer guarantees that the product quality dynamometer ACDR-2/1/5I-0,5 tension electronic technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.