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Atlant-8 Registrar vibrosignals Atlant-8 multi-synchronous.


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Registrar vibrosignals Atlant-8 multi-channel synchronous (Atlant8, Atlant 8)
Registrar vibrosignals Atlant-8 multi-channel simultaneous designed to solve the most difficult tasks in the vibration diagnostics of the equipment.
Depending on the requirements of the customer device is available in 8, 16 or 32 channel versions.
The instrument recording vibration signals "Atlant" are outside the measuring unit with the primary sensors and the personal computer of any performance (for a portable device is usually a laptop). In the personal computer combined the functions of registration of vibration signals processing, storage, expert diagnosis. The functions of the primary processing vibration signals, filtering, and synchronous digital conversion implemented in an external unit. This unit is connected sensor vibration, and phase marker that is used for dynamic balancing of rotors in their own poles.
The use of a computer for signal processing eliminates virtually all of the limitations of the microprocessor devices portable recording and processing of vibration signals.
The instrument recorder vibrosignals Atlanta-8 multi-channel synchronous can synchronously record the initial information from the 8 (16 or even 32) input channels, a high speed, virtually unlimited storage capacity.
The possibility of continuous recording of signals over tens of seconds or minutes can be used such devices to record the transients in the equipment for the control of vibration processes in the slow-moving mechanisms, etc.
The disadvantage of using a computer in a portable device registrar vibrosignals multichannel synchronous Atlant-8 are functional and climatic constraints on the use of such devices.The most severely affected by low temperature range of laptops and weak protection against external moisture and dust. These problems are removed when using laptops industrial performance, but they are significantly more expensive than conventional computers.
The software appliance "Atlant-8" includes a full suite of universal vibration diagnostics. Software-based instrument Registrar vibrosignals Atlant-8 multi-channel synchronous is a universal storage base measuring vibration parameters.
The database is structured on the basis of "enterprise", "shop", "production equipment", the configuration of measuring the vibration parameters of the equipment, "measurement".
Organizing the storage of information in the database is designed so that measurements of parameters of the equipment can be performed by different instruments at different times, but storing all the information will always be fulfilled for a convenient trending.
With the software appliance registrar vibrosignals Atlant-8 multi-channel simultaneous temporary forms can be analyzed and the spectra of vibration signals, wavelet - signal transduction.The program includes functions for the various transformations of vibration signals and their view, the construction stages and the trend signals. Very useful in the diagnosis can bring existing software visualization of multidimensional spatial fluctuations.
With the included standard with the instrument Atlant-8 multi-channel simultaneous vibration signals recorder laser timer and built-in software, portable analyzer vibration omni-balancing can be performed using up to 14 different planes of correction.This is useful for complex rotary machines.
The device comes in a special sealed transport case that effectively protect diagnostic equipment during transportation and storage.
Specifications instruments recorders vibrosignals Atlant-8 multi-channel synchronous:
The number of recording channels of analog signals - 8, 16, 32;
Sampling frequency channels when recording signals - 5Hz-20000Hz;
Frequency range supplied with the instrument recorder vibrosignals Atlant-8 multi-channel simultaneous vibration sensors - 5Hz-5000Hz;
Measuring ranges from vibration pick-VC-310:
- Acceleration (peak) - 0.5 m / s 2-80m / s 2;
- RMS vibration velocity (rms) - 0.8 mm/s-80mm/s;
- Vibro (pp) - 8mkm-500mkm;
Continuous signal recording device registrar vibrosignals Atlant-8 multi-channel synchronous - up to 30 minutes;
Number of samples in the signal - to 25000000;
The frequency resolution obtained by the device registrar vibrosignals Atlant-8 multi-channel synchronous spectrum - up to 820 000 lines;
Weight of the device in a package without sensors - 15kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument recorder vibrosignals Atlant-8 multi-channel synchronous technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.