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Luxmeter pulsmetr ARGUS-07 (ARGUS 07, ARGUS07)
Luxmeter pulsmetr ARGUS-07 is designed to measure the light produced by a variety of natural light and artificial light sources, and the pulsations of the radiation coefficient of artificial lighting.In this light sources can be located arbitrarily with respect to luxmeter. The reading rate fluctuations is indicated as a percentage, and the device determines the maximum, minimum and average illumination of pulsed light and calculates the value of the coefficient of pulsations.
Specifications, Light meters, pulsmetry ARGUS-07
The range of illumination:
1lk - 2x10 4 lx
Spectral range:
0.38 m - 0.8 m
1 - 100%
Maximum permissible basic relative errors:
Power supply
Battery type "crown" or similar (0.02 W input power)
display block 125 x 68 x 30 mm;
Sensor: 65 mm x 90 mm
display block: <150 g, probe: 200 g

Photos ARGUS-07 (АРГУС-07)

ARGUS -07 device image.
ARGUS -07 device image.
ARGUS-07 front view.
ARGUS-07 front view.
ARGUS-07 side view.
ARGUS-07 side view.
ARGUS-07 rear view.
ARGUS-07 rear view.
ARGUS-07 overhead view.
ARGUS-07 overhead view.