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    Tachometer ARGO127 (ARGO 127; ARGO-127)
    ARGO127 Tachometer - an instrument designed to measure the speed (number of revolutions) of the engine crankshaft.
    Accuracy class - 1.5.
    Measurement range - 0 - 5000 rpm.
    Input Current - 4mA.
    Tachometers ARGO127 widely used to control engine speed internal combustion engines. Tachometers are also used to control the frequency of rotation of the working bodies of technological machines.

    Specifications ARGO127

    ARGO127 instrument can be used for adjustment work during idling, and to control the speed of the crankshaft the engine cars while driving.
    In the tachometer ARGO127 is crystal stabilization, so the measurements are independent of changes in the supply voltage and ambient temperature. Indicator update its readings once per second. In the tachometer, you can switch between three modes via a switch.
    In devices ARGO127 can be activated alarms, reset and reset the accumulated values, password protection, to communicate via CAN, and RS-485 interface for connection to the network or to a computer.

Photos: ARGO127

ARGO127 front view (scale).
ARGO127 front view (scale).
ARGO127 side view (casing depth).
ARGO127 side view (casing depth).
ARGO127 rear view (connection).
ARGO127 rear view (connection).