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AR-1 (AP-1)

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    Antenna AR-1 (AR1, AR 1, AP-1, AR1, ar-1)
    Antenna AR-1 (AP-1) - AR-antenna 35 is for receiving and transmitting narrowband and broadband radio.
    Frequency range - 2400MHz-2500MHz.
    Rod antenna - parabolic antenna.
    Mode - continuous.
    Output Impedance - 50Om.
    Connector - N-type.
    Dimensions - 500 × 800 mm.
    Antennas AP-1 are designed to work in networks of WiFi (Radio Ethernet, WLan) as a subscriber antenna.

Structural features of the AR-1 (AP-1)

    Net reflector antennas AR-1 is produced from a steel wire by spot welding. Mounting of the two clamps allows mounting the antenna vertically or horizontally on the pipe diameter up to 40mm. Plating protects the reflector antenna AP-1 from corrosion.
    Antenna AP-1 has irradiator which is based on a rectangular resonator with a passive reflector is protected by a transparent plastic cap.

Technical characteristics of the AR-1 (AP-1)

    Gain, which gives the dish AR-1 () is 23dB. Standing wave ratio - not more than 1.5. Radiation pattern 12 and 18 degrees-3dB. Easing forward, backward, AP-1 is - 40 dB.

Photos: AR-1 (AP-1)

AR-1 (AP-1) device image.
AR-1 (AP-1) device image.
AR-1 (AP-1) side view.
AR-1 (AP-1) side view.