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ANRI-01-02 "Sosna"

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Dosimeter-radiometer home ANRI-01-02 "Sosna" (Anri-01-02 "Sosna", Anri-01-02Sosna, Anri-01-02 Sosna, Sosna ANRI , ANRI0102 "Sosna",  Sosna (ANRI-01-02), Anri-01-02«Sosna» ) corresponds to the TU-186 88BSSR-90
Dosimeter-radiometer home HENRI-01-02 "Pine" is intended for individual use in a population with a view to monitoring the radiation situation on the ground, living and working areas, including:
-               measurement of exposure (field equivalent) dose of gamma radiation;
-               flux density measurement of beta radiation from contaminated surfaces;
-               evaluation of volumetric activity of radionuclides in materials.
The device allows for connecting remote detection units.
Technical data and characteristics of the devices dosimeters, radiometers, domestic ANRI-01-02 "Sosna"
Measurement range:
-               exposure dose of gamma radiation mR/ch-9 0.010, 999mR / h;
-               field equivalent dose of gamma radiation 0.1 mkZv/ch-99, 99mkZv / h;
The range of flux density measurement of beta radiation from contaminated surfaces:
10 chast. / cm 2 min-5000 chast. / cm 2 min (1.66 × 10 3 (1 / m 2) - 8.33 x 10 5 (1 / m 2));
The range of estimates of volume activity of solutions (in the isotope 137 Cs):
10 -710 -6 Ki/l- Ci / l (3.7 x 10 3 Bk/l- 3.7 × 10 4 Bq / l)
Energy range
-               gamma: 0.06 MeV, -1.25 MeV (9.6 fDzh - 200fDzh);
-               Beta radiation: 0.5 MeV 3MeV (80fDzh-560fDzh);
Basic relative error of measurement instrument dosimeter-radiometer home ANRI-01-02 "Sosna": the exposure (field equivalent) dose of gamma radiation in the isotope 137 Cs is not more than ± 30%;
flux density of beta radiation from a solid flat source 90 Sr + 90 Y is not greater than ± 45%
The energy dependence of the readings during the measurements of exposure (field equivalent) dose of gamma radiation in the above range of energies within ± 30%;
Operation mode setup time less than 5s.
Measurement time 20 sec. ± 5s.
Hours dosimeter-radiometer instrument household ANRI-01-02 "Sosna" from one power source with the natural background radiation (up to 20mkR / h) at least 200ch.
Time of continuous operation of the device for at least 6h.
ANRI-01-02 "Sosna" allows decontamination of the external surfaces.
Power supply 9V-2B;
Overall dimensions (excluding strap length) is no more 45x82x133mm.
Unit weight with battery is not more than 0.35 kg;
ANRI-01-02 "Sosna" dosimeter-radiometer is designed for everydayuse at a temperature of -5 ° C to +40 ° C, relative humidity of 98% at +25 ° C, atmospheric pressure 106.7 kPa-84kPa.
To power the device uses battery "Emery" TU 16-729.060-81
Dosimeter-radiometer home ANRI-01-02 "Sosna" - 1 pc.
Battery Type "Emery" - 1 pc.
Cuvette - 2pcs.
Protective Lining - 1pc.
Instruction Manual - 1 unit.
Packaging - 1k-m.
Radiometer instrument device ANRI-01-02 "Sosna" household
Dosimeter-radiometer is designed as a portable, wearable on the strap or in a pocket, the device.
The design of the instrument.
The body is made of shockproof plastic and consists of two parts connected together by screws. At the top of the front panel contains the controls and display, the batteries compartment ­ of a lid.Inside the top of the casing there are two printed circuit boards that are running the radio components. At the bottom of the housing board is mounted with its counters of radiation. By the bottom of the housing is mounted rotating back, which is a screening filter.Between the sensors and the rear cover gasket installed thin film.
On the side of the unit's body dosimeter-radiometer home ANRI-01-02 "Sosna" has Hsia jack connectors for remote detection units.When working on the internal counters of ionization in this slot must be inserted into plug.
If mechanical damage membrane lining construction unit ANRI-01-02 "Sosna" allows the user to install a new protective pad that comes with spare parts.
By reducing the voltage of the battery, "Emery" below the permissible value (7.0 V-0, 2B), triggered alarm circuit.By reducing the battery voltage device produces a constant tone.
Periodic checking of the instrument is in the organs of State Standard or other organizations. entitled to departmental verification, at the request of the owner.
Dosimeter-radiometer home HENRI-01-02 "Pine" corresponds to the approved model.
The manufacturer guarantees conformity of the instrument with the technical conditions TU 88BSSR-186-90 subject to a consumer operating rules outlined in this manual.
Warranty period - 12 months from the date of sale through the trade network.

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