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AMV-002 Apparatus for vibration monitoring and diagnostics AMV-002


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 Apparatus for vibromonitoring and diagnostics AMV-002 (AMV 002, AMV002)
    The equipment is designed for continuous stationary monitoring of rotating machinery vibration parameters by measuring absolute and relative static and vibratory movements of their parts, the shaft speed, and signal conditioning systems for warning and protection. The equipment provides control of the following parameters:
    - Axial displacement of the rotor OCP;
    - The relative expansion of the rotor OPP;
    - Thermal expansion of the turbine housing TRT;
    - The eccentricity of the shaft axis IV;
    - The relative vibration displacement of the rotor RH;
    - Vibration supports (vibration) AB;
    - Moving the rods PN;
    - A rotor speed TX.
    The main functions of AMV-002/AMV-003 are:
    - Measurement of current values ​​for each parameter monitored in real time;
    - The formation of a unified output voltage and current signals proportional to the monitored parameter;
    - Implementation of protection, monitoring and diagnosis of rotating machinery;
    - Carrying out self-diagnosis apparatus and issuing signals on the state of the measuring channels as a whole;
    - Communication with the control system according to an agreed protocol;
    - Storage and analysis results of the controlled parameters during the entire period of operation of the unit; equipment is a single automated complex with monitoring and diagnosis made by a block-modular design that allows you to configure it with various performance and the number of channels at the request of the customer. The composition of equipment includes measuring channels made ​​as to the processing unit similar equipment AMV-001 (for the parameters of OCP, OPP, TRT, IV, TX, provides security unit) and channels, including the sensor and the matching unit with rated output ( for the parameters of OM, FS). Unlike hardware AMV-001 AMV-002 and AMV-003 control channels introduced large linear displacement sensors with a PN DPL and matching blocks BS9. To install the sensors DPL use special alignment mechanisms. Processing units parameter OCP, TRT, IV, TX installed in 19 "racks and rack linings Euromechanics. Processor units provide processing of measurement, display and control relay output, self-diagnosis of the state of the measuring channels and display current values. Equipment has all kinds of standardized output signals ( DC, DC voltage, AC), in accordance with the requirements of international standards.
    As the processing unit of measurement results and archive data collection station used SSD, performed a computer-based Pentium III, equipped with software Swim-AMV and installed in a single rack. Display parameters are controlled by processing units indicators for the mechanical parameters of units performing the protection unit and the monitor MICs for all parameters. Addition of equipment AMV monitoring and diagnostic functions, developed apparatus of graphical display and analysis of data allowed to conduct operational analysis of vibration state of the unit. Apparatus AMV-002/AMV-003 can collect and process diagnostic data and equipment protection both as stand-alone system or as part of the guild or distributed diagnostic system.