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    Alkotekter ALCOLOCK - locking device able to run the engine if the driver present in the exhaled air concentrations of alcohol in the legislation.

    Sensor Type - Electro.


    Power - 5V from the onboard network.
    System voltage - 12V (24V).
    Consumption - 2.5 Watts.
    The number of entries in the memory - 8000.

    - Analyzer - 215 × 70 × 38mm;
    - Control unit - 150 × 110 × 38mm.
    - Analyzer - 0.28 kg;
    - Control unit - 0.44 kg.

    Alcolock system installed on board the vehicle, is included in the ignition system and takes over the management of ignition depending on the availability of alcohol in the driver.
    Structural features of systems ALCOLOCK

    To measure the concentration of alcohol alcolock system uses a highly selective electrochemical sensor and the air intake system. The sensor provides accuracy and reliability of measurements, and the fence system - metered sampling.
    It is also used in the analyzer alcolock sensors detect fraud exhalation man.

    ALCOLOCK system equipped with a screen, which displays all necessary to operate the instrument information.
    The system control unit alcolock is designed to interact with the analyzer control of the vehicle on-board systems (ignition, lighting equipments, horn) and event-related engine startup and operation of the locking system.
    The control unit is connected to the ignition system, lighting equipments and klaxon. It stores settings and stores in its memory all actions carried out with driver alcolock and ignition system. The control unit is nonvolatile and has its own power to save the settings and the memory of registered events.
    The control unit alcolock systems can be connected to a computer to change the settings and reading the event database.

    Cable Analyser ALCOLOCK with the control unit is designed to connect the analyzer and the control unit. The cable connecting board is designed to connect the control unit to the ignition system. Alarm cable board is designed to connect the drive to the PLOT and klaxon.
    Removable mouthpiece alcolock system is designed to generate a stream of air, protect the sensor from dirt and alcohol obstacles fraud expiration. 


Alcoholdetector ALCOLOCK device image.
Alcoholdetector ALCOLOCK device image.
Alcoholdetector ALCOLOCK accessories and spare parts.
Alcoholdetector ALCOLOCK accessories and spare parts.