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    Gas analyzer AG2110 (AG 2110, AG-2110)

    Gas analyzer AG2110 - combined instrument used for the simultaneous determination of the hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide in the exhaust and the engine speed motor vehicles and motorcycles with two-and four-stroke gasoline engine.
    Measured component - hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide.
    Controlled environment - waste gases.
    Measurement range:
    - C 6 H 14 - (0 - 1,599 vol%) × April 10 mln -1;
    - CO - 0-15,99% vol, 0-999min-1 (for revolution).
    Power consumption - 80W.
    Overall dimensions - 470 × 340 × 165mm.
    Weight - 13kg.
    The design AG2110
    AG2110 gas analyzer is a four-channel on the optical path and a two-on electrical path, single channel on the gas path Dual-function product.
    AG2110 gas analyzers are designed as a three-channel single-beam infrared analyzer. The instrument comprises a gas analyzer and tachometer, consisting of sample preparation systems, optical block, tachometer sensor, electronic data processing systems on the microprocessor.
    Probozabora and sample preparation system includes: probozabornik, heating unit with termoshlangom used for negative ambient temperatures (down to -10 ° C) or non-heated hose, sump, Filter, indicator, booster, valve, fitting, "Sample in" and "Sample Output" port "Sign CBC." The system used for purification of samples taken from the exhaust pipe of the vehicle, the soot, dust and moisture from being fed into the prepared sample cuvette of the optical unit for measuring hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.
    Optical unit, which are gas analyzers AG2110, a member of the emitter of the cell, the node to change the filters, the receiver unit. Based on the optical unit set pressure sensor motor.

    Specifications AG2110
    Measurement ranges gas analyzer:
    - Propane content in volume fractions (0-0,1) × April 10 mln -1 and (0,1-1) × April 10 mln -1;
    - The content of hexane volume fractions (0-0,1) × April 10 mln -1 and (0,1-0,5) × April 10 mln -1.
    The unit price of the least significant digit code 0,001-104mln - 1 (or 10 million - 1). Ranges carbon monoxide content 0 - 5% and 5% - 10% vol. share.
    The unit price of the least significant digit code of 0.01%. Measuring ranges of the engine speed motor AG2110 - 0 - 1000 min-1 and 1000min -1 - 9999min -1. The unit price of the least significant digit code - 1 min -1.
    AG2110 gas analyzer allows for error ranges:
    - 0 - 0,1 × Apr. 10 million - the channel of hydrocarbons within ± 50 million;
    - 0 - 5% - channel carbon monoxide not more than ± 0,25% vol. share;
    - 0 - 1000 min -1 - tachometer channel is not more than ± 25 min -1, 0,1 - 1,0 × April 10 for propane, and 0,1 - 0,5 × April 10 mln -1 hexane channel for hydrocarbons up to 5 %;
    - 5 - 10% carbon dioxide channel is not more than 5% 1000min -1 - 9999min -1 tachometer channel not more than 2.5%.
    AG2110 gas analyzers allow conversion error for all ranges - less than 20mV.
    The allowable change in the readings AG2110 on each channel up to 8 hours of continuous operation - no more than half the permissible basic error. The variation of the gas analyzer readings AG2110 - less than 1% of the upper limit of measurement, and for the tachometer does not exceed the permissible basic error at the point of measurement.
    AG2110 analyzer equipped calibrator, which allows control of the sensitivity of each channel without using gas mixtures and the control generator. Root mean square deviation of the AG2110 does not exceed half of the basic error.
    Setting time analyzer, excluding transportation sample - not more than 6 seconds and tachometer - 3 seconds. The instrument provides for the withdrawal of the analysis on the built-in indicator digital devices, external analog recording instruments with a scale of 0-1B and alpha-numeric printer. Warm-up time analyzer up to 20 minutes. Power - AC 220V, 50Hz.

    Operating conditions AG2110
    AG2110 gas analyzers are designed for use in the following conditions:
    - The temperature of the ambient air temperature - from 10 C to +35 ° C;
    - Atmospheric pressure of 86.6 kPa to 106.7 kPa;
    - Relative humidity at 25 ° C to 80%;
    - Industrial vibration amplitude of no more than 0.15 mm and a frequency of 5Hz to 35Hz;
    - An external constant magnetic field up to 400 A / m

Photos: AG2110

AG2110 gas analyzer image.
AG2110 gas analyzer image.
AG2110 front view.
AG2110 front view.
AG2110 side view.
AG2110 side view.
AG2110 rear view.
AG2110 rear view.
AG2110 side view.
AG2110 side view.
AG2110 overhead view.
AG2110 overhead view.
AG2110 bottom view.
AG2110 bottom view.