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AFD-1 Damper with friction damping AFD-1.



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Made in: 2018.


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Damper with friction damping AFD-1 (AFD1, AFD 1)
Damper with friction damping AFD-1 is designed to protect it from vibration and shock loads applied vertically.
Technical data for the friction dampers with damping AFD-1:
Load on one shock - 0.2 kgf-0, 3kGs;
Terms of use of the product with a friction damper damping AFD-1:
- Ambient temperature - from -60 º C to +70 º C;
- Relative humidity: - 95% -98% at 20 º C ± 2 º C;
- Pressure on product damper AFD-1 - to 25.3 hPa;
- Vibration with a frequency of 15Hz, 40Hz, 80Hz, respectively, with an acceleration of 4.4 m / s 2, 31.4 m / s 2, 49.0 m / s 2;
- The action of the shock load of 10,000 shocks with acceleration 39.2 m / s 2, and the duration of the shock pulse 0.015-0, 005s;
Appearance of a product with a friction damper damping AFD-1 is shown in Figure 1;
Figure 1: Product Overview shock AFD-1
AFD-1 - damper
Dimensions of the product with a friction damper damping AFD-1 are shown in Table 1;
Table 1 Dimensions of the product bumper AFD-1
41.5 mm
28.6 mm
3.5 mm
The manufacturer guarantees trouble-free operation of the product bumper AFD-1 with frictional damping for 8 years;
Assigned life - 500 hours;
Shelf life consumer - 5 years;
Note Resource and warranties set designer products damper AFD-1, depending on the installation location on the aircraft and the operating mode (amplitude, acceleration, shock, duration of continuous operation, etc.);
The manufacturer guarantees that the product quality bumper AFD-1 with frictional damping technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.