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ADT-329 Motor-tacho WT-329.


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The motor-tacho ADT-329 (ADT329, ADT 329)
The motor-tacho ADT-329 is designed for automatic systems, such as low-power drive transformer for remote transmission angle with selsyns and rotary transformers.
Designed as a two-phase induction motor with a hollow rotor bezobmotochnym.
One of the phases is the field winding, the second - the control winding, which signal that sets the direction and speed.
The motor-tacho ADT-329 is the same engine with an optional built-in induction tachometer, whose signal can be used for speed feedback in the control circuit.
Specifications electric appliances ADT-329:
Frequency - 500 Hz;
The excitation voltage - 40V;
Voltage control device electric motor-tacho ADT-329 - 20V;
Rated Power - 0.35 W;
Starting torque motor-tacho unit ADT-329 - 8Gsm;
No-load speed - 12000ob/min;
Electromechanical time constant of the motor unit WT-329 - 250ms;
The excitation voltage - 40V;
Input impedance - 3000 ohms;
Nonlinearity of the output characteristic - 1.0;
The steepness of the EMF - 0.9 mV / V / min;
Residual emf motor-tacho unit ADT-329 - 50mV;
Power Consumption - 0.5 W;
Output impedance - 3800 ohms;
Dimensions unit ADT-329 motor-tacho:
- Case diameter - 35mm;
- The length of the output shaft ends - 100mm;
Unit weight motor-tacho ADT-329 - 0.33 lbs.