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AD-50 Motor AD-50.


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The motor AD-50 (AD50, AD 50)
The motor AD-50 is designed for automatic systems, such as low-power drive transformer for remote transmission angle with selsyns and rotary transformers.
Designed as a two-phase induction motor with a hollow rotor bezobmotochnym.
One of the phases is the field winding, the second - the control winding, which signal that sets the direction and speed.
Specifications electric appliances AD-50:
Frequency - 400 Hz;
The excitation voltage electric appliance AD-50 - 40B;
Control voltage - 24V, 40V;
Starting time unit AD-50 motor - at least 210Gsm;
Net power - no less than 3.5 watts;
Rated Speed ​​- 2700ob/min;
Rated torque motor unit AD-50 - 120Gsm;
Efficiency - 20%;
Idle speed motor unit AD-50 - 5000ob/min;
Synchronous speed - 6000ob/min;
Moment of inertia - 60Gsm ∙ ∙ s 2 10 -4;
Electromechanical time constant of the motor unit AD-50 - 16ms;
Pick-up voltage - 1V;
- Case diameter - 50mm;
- Hull length - 52.5 mm;
Unit weight motor AD-50 - 450g.