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A-80 Unit A-80.


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Device A-80 (A80, A 80)
A-80 instrument is designed to control the cooling process, to control the operation of single-stage reciprocating and screw chillers, to protect against harmful deviations of process parameters and issuing an alarm.
The instrument is used to control the refrigeration machines and is being restored to, a single-channel, single-function products.
Technical characteristics of equipment devices A-80:
The device operates according to the schematic diagram, which provides three modes: local, semi-automatic and automatic;
The device controls the A-80 following mechanisms chillers:
- Compressor starter (I = 10A);
- Solenoid valves CB1 ...SV6 40V power ∙ A each;
- Brine pump motor (I = 2A);
- Solid-state relays power level of 5 V ∙ A;
Device A-80 provides:
Issuance of an external circuit the following signals:
- The compressor;
- An accident;
- In the unit capacity control;
- Lock-delay 15s ± 3s;
- Reserve 1 ... 4;
Emergency stop device unit A-80 compressor and light alarm latching semi-automatic operation of the sensor signals:
- DM (oil pressure);
- NAM (discharge pressure);
- TN (discharge temperature);
- It (liquid level);
- TM2 (oil temperature is high);
Self-starting the compressor unit A-80 unit after power failure in the automatic mode;
Selection signal for the duration of protection and delay the compressor for at least 0.1 in the firing of one of the defenses;
The service life of the appliance unit A-80 - not less than 8 years;
Power unit - 220V ± 22V/33V, 50Hz or 60Hz;
Dimensions of the appliance unit A-80 - 252h178h338mm;
Weight - no more than 9 kg;
Ambient temperature - from +1 º C to +45 º C;
Relative humidity - up to 98% at 35 º C;
Exposure to vibration loads in the range of frequencies - from 5Hz to 30Hz;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument device A-80 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.