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    Ammeter A-2 (A2, A2, a-2, a 2, a 2)
    Ammeter A-2 is designed for dc current measurements.
    Technical characteristics of the devices ammeters A-2:
    The device vibration-resistant, withstands vibration with maximum acceleration of 1,5 g vibration at a frequency of 20Hz to 80Hz. Shaking strength is 10,000 strokes with maximum acceleration of 4g at a frequency of 60 beats to 100 beats per minute. Performance of conventional and tropical. A series of devices operable at ambient temperatures from -60 º C to +50 ° C;
    Measurement limits - 0A-50A-500A;
    Of full scale A-2 - 25A;
    Turning to the shunt W-2;
    The basic error of the amount of measurement ranges - + 2.5%;
    Settling time - no more than 3 s;
    Overall dimensions - 47,4 x47, 4h79mm;
    Mass A-2 - 0.25 kg.

Photos А-2

A-2 device image.
A-2 device image.
A-2 front view (scale).
A-2 front view (scale).
A-2 side view (casing depth).
A-2 side view (casing depth).
A-2 rear view (connection).
A-2 rear view (connection).