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8МВТ-Е-5П  Transformer 8MVT-E-5P rotating.


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Transformer 8MVT-E-5P rotating (8MVTE5P, 8-MVT-E-5-P, 8 MVT E 5 P, 8-MVTE5P, 8 MVTE5P, 8 MVT-E-5-P, 8MVTE-5P, 8MVTE 5P, 8MVT-E5P, 8MVT E5P)
Transformer 8MVT-E-5P is a rotating induction machine with implicit poles.
Rotary transformer 8MVT-E-5P is designed for use depending on the connection method of winding a sine-cosine or linear.
On the stator and rotor are placed on two winding axes are shifted by 90 electrical degrees. Excitation rotary transformers 8MVT E-5P is a variable sinusoidal current.
Technical characteristics of the instrument transformers 8MVT-E-5P Rotating:
Ambient temperature of -60 ° C to +85 ° C;
Relative humidity up to 98% at 40 ° C;
Shock 8MVT E-5P - 118M / s 2;
Vibratory loads at up to 200Hz and acceleration 59m / s 2;
Nominal excitation voltage - 50V ± 2,5 V;
Input impedance idling - 800 ohms ± 80 ohms;
Nominal frequency of the excitation voltage - 400 Hz;
Operating frequency range of excitation voltage - 380Gts-520Gts;
Turns Ratio 8MVT-E-5P - 0,56 ± 0,01;
Accuracy depends sine and cosine function - 0.2%;
Overall dimensions
- Length - 88mm;
- Diameter - 40mm;
Weight 8MVT-E-5P - no more than 0.22 kg;
Minimum time - 4000ch.