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8MVT-5P Transformer 8MVT-5P rotating.


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Transformer rotating 8MVT-5P (8MVT5P, 8-MW-5P, 8 MW 5P, 5P 8MVT, 8 MW-5P)
Rotary transformers 8MVT-5P is a two-pole contact four wrap machine.
Depending on the scheme and the inclusion mode (function) devices rotating transformer 8MVT-5P divided into sine-cosine (Synchro), output voltage which is proportional to the sine (cosine) the angle of rotation of the rotor, and linear (LVT), the output voltage which varies linearly proportional to the angle of ± 60 °.
Technical characteristics of the instrument transformers 8MVT-5P Rotating:
Operation - Synchro;
Nominal frequency of the excitation voltage instrument transformer 8MVT-5P Rotary - 400Hz;
Moment of static friction - 0.06 Nm;
Supply voltage - 50V;
Input impedance transformer idling device 8MVT-5P rotating - 800 ohms;
Turns Ratio - 0.560;
Rotation of the rotor - unlimited;
Magnetic material - 79NM;
Rotary transformers 8MVT-5P Synchro mode are divided into accuracy classes:
- Transformer 8MVT-5P an accuracy class (1st class. Etc.) has the characteristics:
- Error display the sine function - ± 0,2%;
- Transformer 8MVT-5P Class 2 accuracy (2 cl. T) has the characteristics:
- Error display the sine function - ± 0,3%;
Outside diameter - 35Smm;
The length of the output shaft ends - 85mm;
Weight of the device rotating transformer 8MVT-5P - no more than 0.68 kg;
Vibration loads:
- Frequency range - up to 200 Hz;
- Acceleration - 60m / s 2;
Shock - 120m / s 2;
Ambient temperature - -60 ° C to +100 º C;
Relative humidity at 40 ° C - 98;
Warranty life - 1200 hours;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument transformer 8MVT-5P rotating the technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.